A good child


RECENTLY, A READER lamented that I no longer write about my Mexican relatives, something I used to do quite often.

So here is one of my kinfolk, the lovelier variety. She is 5 years old and the daughter of a nephew who’s had a very difficult life. But things are going rather well for this little girl so far.

When my wife recently asked her why she was so pretty, she replied that it was the way God sent her.

Can’t argue with that. Her name is Kandra.

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    1. Ms. Bachelorette: That is quite true, and it’s even more noticeable in person. Her father is in his early 30s and is undergoing treatment for lung cancer right now. It was not caught as early as it might have been had he been a little more alert to such things. But we are remaining optimistic.


        1. Ms. Bachelorette: We’re keeping our toes and fingers crossed. He’s doing chemo now, plus he’s being “treated” simultaneously by what I call a brujo (witch doctor) in another city. He visits there once a month at considerable expense. Think Steve McQueen.

          He is improving. The question is whether it will enough.

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  1. Angelita. She is a beautiful little girl. Thanks for posting, and all the best for a complete recovery for her papa.


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