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Twelve things

  1. After two miserable weeks, my cold finally cured itself, and I’m my usual vigorous self. I wonder if these things hang on longer as one ages. Probably.
  2. An insane woman has been walking our neighborhood for a year or two. She seems to be in constant motion, and at times she lets out an angry, blood-curdling scream.
  3. We’re deep into miserable Springtime. Campesinos set fire to the countryside, an annual event, and black soot descends on the Hacienda. It’s a constant sweeping challenge, and sweeping soot is like herding butterflies.odds&ends
  4. We have two definite restaurant days: Thursday and Sunday. That doesn’t mean we can’t eat out on other days too because we can, but we usually don’t.
  5. There is one exception to No. 4, but I don’t really consider it eating out. It’s more of a convenience. On Saturdays, my wife is quite busy baking for her afternoon pastry sale. Before we head downtown with the goodies, we eat roasted chicken at a very humble place near the Hacienda.
  6. Heidi Cruz won’t be First Lady next year. Dang! Seems the Slovenian hussy will be. Or Slick Willy. Lordy!
  7. Former Mexican President Fox said nasty stuff about Trump a few months back, but now he’s apologized and invited Trump to Mexico to get to know us better.
  8. May is the final month to prepare the yard for the summer deluges. I’ll be hiring Abel the deadpan neighbor in a few days to cut and haul lots of stuff away. I want the yard in fighting trim before the floods arrive.
  9. Spring is the only good season for short-sleeved shirts. My pants, however, remain the same all year. Blue jeans.
  10. I’ll be 72 this summer. I’m noticing an occasional unsteadiness in my walk, wobbly-like. This is relatively new, and I do not like it one little bit.
  11. With every passing year, I like Mexico more. Not having been in the United States for seven years now, and not having lived there in 16, I’m forgetting what Gringo life is like. From what I read, perhaps that’s for the best.
  12. According to an article in The New York Times, bilingual people are less likely to get goofy with age. ¡Bueno!

15 thoughts on “Twelve things

  1. Felipe, yes we take longer to recuperate. A good reason not to get into bar brawls at our age.

    I think you have La Llorona in your barrio.

    If Trump visits it will be on a cruise ship to a gated community in Cancún to get to know the “Real Mexico.” We are embedded in Mexico. Go ahead and build the wall.


    1. Señor Mystic: In spite of spending countless hours in bars over my life, I have never been in a bar brawl. That is due in part to my pacific nature and also to the fact that I used to be very formidable looking. Now, not so much.

      I think our lunatic lady is less La Llorona and more just out of her freaking mind. I’d like to get a photo of her one day, but she, me and the camera have never been in the same spot at the same moment. One day perhaps.

      Oh, I imagine Trump has been in Mexico, and I bet he has his own private gated community. As for a border wall, I’m all for it. Now if we could not only keep more illegal Mexicans out of the U.S. while keeping more Gringos, legal or not, out of Mexico, that would be sweet. I think we have enough Gringos down here now.


    1. Karlos: Don’t know why your feedback went to the moderation pile. That normally only happens with the first comment.

      Regarding three languages, that explains the spelling of your name, I imagine. How anyone can learn three languages is beyond me. Of course, I started the second one late in life. In my mind, there is the first language and the other language. How one keeps from getting two “other” languages straight is incredible.


  2. Trump is accepting Fox’s invitation to Mexico but for a surprise reason. It’s to discuss the location of the wall. Fox wants it to be along the Red River, not the Rio Grande. And yes, I agree a wall is needed to keep out ugly gringos. Fox may be changing his mind about paying for that f***ing wall depending on location and cause.


    1. Carlos: Another comment to the moderation pile this morning. Got no idea why it’s doing that. Apologies. As for Fox’s apology to Trump, my wife has been in her pastry workshop most of the morning with a Mexican news channel on the telly. Not a peep about Fox apologizing to Trump to be seen.

      I don’t care who pays for a wall, but a wall is direly in need. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.


        1. Señor Mystic: The Canadian border hasn’t been a major problem. And building walls along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts would cut off beach access, to put it mildly.

          Maybe machine-gun nests every half mile would be enough.


          1. But using the same reasoning as the goverment uses by making you take off shoes and strip naked (almost) at airports… Its for your own good. Giving up going to beaches is a small price to pay for security.

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  3. I turned 72 in April and notice a small stability issue. I think it is the knees. There is know doubt in my mind that most of us take longer to heal as we age. Aging is not fun, but part of the process.


    1. Mike M: Another instance of a comment going to the moderation pile that should not have gone there. Don’t know why that is happening today. Hopefully, it will stop by mañana.

      As for the stability thing, I don’t have the feeling it’s knee-related. I’ll have to pay more attention. Perhaps you are correct. My knees are in good shape, however. No, aging is not fun, but we do get smarter. Well, some of us do. You and me for sure. Others stay the same, or just dumb down.


      1. The wobble gives you the opportunity to incorporate a walking stick into your persona. I have occasional bouts of arthritis attacking my knees and ankles, and resort to a cane. A finely hand carved stick would be an addition to the ensemble.


        1. Kris: It’s still too minor a problem to require that, or require anything for that matter. But in time, who knows? My father had a collection of very nice canes that I inherited when he died in 1991. Alas, they, like so much else, were discarded before my move to Mexico. I do now have a very pretty mahogany one I bought here. Never use it, but I have it.

          It stands in a corner like a cocked gun.


  4. Please describe the physical appearance of your insane woman. I had an “encounter” with one on Serrato some years ago. Wonder if she is the same.


    1. Patzman: Just a nondescript woman with a mop of short dirty hair that looks like it was cut under a bowl, which it might have been. I doubt it was the same woman if you had an “encounter” with her. Ours seems to steer totally clear of human interaction.


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