Jack Daniels woman


WHILE MY  child bride peddles her pastries from her straw basket Saturday afternoons on the principal plaza, I sit with her and watch people.

And sometimes I photograph them. More photos can be found here, of course.

* * * *

Springtime stuff!

Standing in my bedroom yesterday, I saw a hummingbird sitting on a tip of the huge aloe vera outside the window.

Later, I admired a flower blooming from one of the orchids that live on the peach tree by the Jesus Patio.orchid

Last night, we slept with earplugs due to the raucous concert on the neighborhood plaza just over a block away. It was the San Isidro Fest. San Isidro is the patron saint of farmers.

I just call it the annual rain festival, and it will bring results fairly soon, usually in early June.

San Isidro always comes through.

13 thoughts on “Jack Daniels woman

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful town. Only been there once about 3 years ago. Hope to go again. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Mr. Jack is a fine companion, especially straight up with a tad of ice. Tickles the gums.


    1. Bob: The first time I got really blotto, I was 18 years old and in the Air Force. I was in a hotel in Rantoul, Illinois, just outside the AF base. I did it with whisky. I was in very bad shape the following day. From then on, I never liked those dark boozes like whisky, bourbon, Scotch, etc. I always preferred gin, rum, beer, wine, etc. Especially martinis and margaritas.

      I probably have never tasted Jack Daniels at all.


  3. I am envious of your new camera with the telephoto capabilities. It makes it easier to get good candid photos without being too obvious and your colonial city square is an ideal location.


    1. Andrés: Yep, I was relatively content with the previous camera all except one thing. Its zoom max was about 5X. My current camera spots sweat on a fly’s wing half a mile away. It is very, very convenient.


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