Sombrero seller


YESTERDAY WAS our pastry day on the big plaza downtown. I brought my camera in a black bag.

First thing I do is enjoy one of my child bride’s goodies accompanied by a café Americano negro. I watch people.

Later I walked out to the plaza with my camera. Here is one of the photos. Better versions, as always, are available here.

11 thoughts on “Sombrero seller

  1. I’m feeling marginalized by this microagression. I can’t wear that sombrero lest I be pronounced a racist. This is a cultural stereotype that must not go unnoticed!

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    1. Mark: Excellent observation. This headgear is against the rules in the United States, especially on campuses and ad campaigns. I think one likely can sport it safely if one is speaking Spanish out loud. But maybe not.

      You live in a nutty nation, mi amigo. Flee!


  2. Do you guys have to politicize frkking everything? Take a look around. We aren’t in the U.S.
    Why not enjoy the foto and what it represents? Mexico.


  3. I’m “up here” and plenty of sombreros and sarapes in public view! How ya doing, Mickey Dick?!! Been a few years since I visited the Zapata Tales, er, Unseen Moon.

    San Diego is nice, but I do long for the simpler life in Jesus del Monte. As Arnold says, “I’ll be back”.


    1. Hi, Ray. Glad to hear you’re still kicking. As for those sombreros and sarapes up there, I bet the folks wearing them speak Spanish.

      And, yes, it’s time to return to Mexican civilization, señor.


  4. Great photos, Felipe. You´ve got a good eye and the subjects are very interesting. You got the click at the exact right moment, or the “decisive moment,” as they say, on “A good laugh” and “Good ice cream.” Nice work!

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