Phone love


CAUGHT ON the mountaintop’s principal plaza. For more fun photos, click right here.

6 thoughts on “Phone love

  1. It will be interesting to see how this whole un-communications thing is going to evolve in 20+ years. They want to communicate, but just not face to face ( in person).

    We were eating in Morelia a while ago, a family with four or five people and all of them except the father were enamored with the little video slave pretty much the whole time during the meal.

    Sick, if you ask me. I think family interaction like we knew it is rapidly disappearing.


    1. Tancho: The family meal in the restaurant that you describe has become the norm. Sometimes what ISIS thinks of Western Civilization, as currently manifested, seems quite understandable. Watching a Beyoncé music video makes it even more understandable. Luckily for you and me, we’re in the end game of our lives.


  2. All fine photos, Felipe. My personal favorites: Family Heading for Weight Watchers, Dressed like a Tijuana Whore & Who Needs Teeth.

    Are all of these pics with your new FinePix?


    1. Hi, Jeff, and thanks for the kind words on the photography. I just received the Fujifilm camera less than a week ago. The vast majority of shots on the photo site were made with my Canon SX. The only ones made with the Fujifilm are this one and the one just before it, “Never enough headgear.”


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