Why blacks riot

GREAT VIDEO addresses one of the main challenges of multicultural America today: the black underclass.

And that class’s tendency to run amok in the streets. It’s not because of  police brutality or racism.

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  1. Too simple, smacks of subtle racism… I opine the primary driver of anarchy within the black male underclass is absence of male role models, fathers if you will… O’Reilly has spoken about this on numerous occasions..


    1. PS: What I hear the video saying is it’s certainly not the police. Statistically, that is easy to back up. As for racism, that’s a huge factor, but it’s not anti-black racism these days. It’s pro-black racism that refuses to address the real issues. And it’s anti-white racism too. That latter comes from the political left, and it’s embraced enthusiastically by the black underclass.


      1. Yeah, I saw that video as well. What bothers me about the original video is the author’s broad brush stroke condemnation of blacks. Those who have rioted yes, are primarily black, but not all blacks riot. I believe his video loses credibility for lack of clarity.
        We can do better as a society, but labeling one group in such a demeaning manner only serves to separate us further and fan the flames of present hostilities.
        I do however agree racism exists on both sides…


        1. Mark: Alas, the Herman Cains, David Clarkes, Allen Wests and Clarence Thomases are a tiny minority, which is why polling indicates that about 97 percent of blacks support Hillary and her party of pro-black, anti-white racism and victimhood. The rioting phenomenon is part and parcel of the whole shebang.


          1. Trump will get a better percentage than that. I ‘ll wager you a cafecito con leche he gets 10%+ amigo!

            There are good, kind, decent people in those communities. But horrible circumstances prevent them from living lives free from the constant fear of violence or persecution.


    2. There are fathers in the black male underclass. Mothers, too. Neither take responsibility for teaching the children they create how to function in mainstream society where PEOPLE live going about the business of taking care of themselves, their children and, in many cases, each other.
      The cycle of misbehavior repeats and repeats and repeats ad nauseam. But we tiptoe through the tulips carefully avoiding putting the blame where it belongs.

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      1. Carole: Of course, there are fathers in the black underclass. It takes two to tango, after all. The babies do not arrive via immaculate conception. But more often than not, they don’t live together as a family. A century ago, they did.

        And yes, tiptoeing through the tulips is required these days if you don’t want to be banished from “polite” society and lose your job to boot.


    3. Mark: And don’t you start with that leftist racism thing. What the guy in the video said was absolutely accurate. Where one might find fault is that it is only a part of the dismal tale.


      1. My main point is the guy in the video paints a bleak and inaccurate picture of black society in general. Completely unfair. I do believe there is racism on both sides, as I said. And we agree the root cause of these problems is way too complex to address adequately in a response to a post. Nonetheless, the video does not advance the cause for the amelioration of tensions between the races currently in the United States.

        Again, without sounding trite or stereotyping, the people that the author is referring to that commit these societal affronts such as looting or rioting are far and away in the minority. This is not acceptable behavior in the black community, and we should not address it as such.

        On a side note I find it fascinating that you and I actually finally after all these years have somewhat of a disagreement on a subject Mr. Zapata! You don’t have to print that part but I’m glad to know we aren’t conjugal twins separated at birth after all, lol!


        1. Mark: I think you underestimate the scale of the victimhood mindset among blacks. Of course, most — or at least I pray so — are not of the rioting variety. I do think that, as most Mohammedans are not terrorists but they smile upon terrorism, I think most blacks get satisfaction from seeing riots and support them in spirit, especially younger ones. There is no good way to determine this one way or the other.

          And, as in all things, I could be mistaken.

          And, of course, there are lots of decent black folks. Black churches, for one thing, are full of them. Alas, I think they are a minority.


          1. I actually do agree that there is a definite victimhood mentality that permeates the minority societies, both blacks and Mexicans here in the United States. However, I also believe that how our government has contributed to that mindset via policies enacted since the 1960s with the Great Society efforts by Lyndon Johnson, et al.

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  2. Underclass is correct. Black pride lacks credibility. You have to earn respect, it cannot be legislated. Change can only come from within the black community. Blaming whites by screaming racism is a phony excuse.


  3. Just why would a Hungarian Jew fund “Black Lives Matter” to the tune of 33 million dollars? There is a hidden agenda at work.

    True, the prisons are full of angry, young black people that have no idea how to be men. They have no sense of responsibility and no self control.

    The prison system is full of black folks that did bad stuff to other black folks, but it is still the white folks’ fault.

    The policies of the left have destroyed the black family, and the black churches have gone along with it. They sold out for the money.

    They created a monster.


    1. Señor Gill: It is a fact that a century ago black families were far more intact with both a mother and father at home. They faced far more problems in society, but the families were intact. That is mostly gone now.


  4. Felipe: You’ve been deleting my comments lately so the following will probably get kicked as well. But, maybe you will allow my post to stand and be read.

    Overall, I agree with the gentlemen in the video 100%. However the violence and lawlessness in the streets, I fear, is the sign of the USA entering into the 3rd step of the “Downfall of a Nation” as described by J. Vernon Mcgee:

    ” In the Book of Judges a great principle of government is presented, a principle which is also stated very clearly in the prophecy of Isaiah. All of the subsequent prophets simply bear out and apply this principle which has already been stated. The principle is this: There are three steps in the downfall of a nation. First of all, there is religious apostasy. The second step is moral awfulness. And the third step is political anarchy. These are the three steps by which nations pass off the stage of human history. That has always been the way it has moved. You see, the primary problem never was political anarchy. The primary problem never was moral awfulness. As bad as these are, the root problem goes back to religious or spiritual apostasy, a turning away from the living and true God.

    The downfall of a nation begins in idolatry; it begins in turning away from the living and true God. We would like to think that idolatry has gone out of style, that no one today in this country is bowing down to an idol. That, of course, is not true. Many a man today is worshiping the almighty dollar. Many a man worships sex. Many a man worships pleasure. May I say to you, anything that you give yourself to, anything that takes all your time or energy, anything that takes all of you is what you worship. That, my friend, is your god, that is your idol, and that is what God condemns. God says that He is a jealous God. He says, “I made you. I created you. I have redeemed you. And I want you.” When a man turns his back on God, he is doing the worst thing any man can possibly do.”


    1. Jeff: The only time I’ve deleted anything of yours was recently when you were verbally knocking another commenter by name, which is something I don’t let happen. I didn’t delete it immediately as I should have, but after pondering it a bit, I did delete it, and then I had to delete some subsequent comments by both you and me because without your initial comment, they were out of context and made no sense.

      I would have done the same with anyone. And have in the past. Wasn’t personal. I know you are a good egg. Sorry, but I just like a polite comment zone. Comment zones that are not polite are rampant online. It’s unfortunate.

      Taking issue with stuff here, even vociferously, is perfectly fine as long as it’s not directed to others personally. The only exception is that anyone can point out my idiocy at will and by name. I can take it. And if it’s overboard, I just delete it, something other commenters cannot do.

      In the past, I have stopped commenting on at least two Mexico-related blogs because the owner allowed other commenters to cuss me out personally due to a difference of opinion. When I criticized the blog owners for permitting that, not enforcing standards of good behavior, they fell back on the lame “freedom of speech” excuse.

      And now on to the Downfall of a Nation, you know that I do not subscribe to organized religion, but most of that quote I agree with 100 percent. I do think the United States is imploding, and I think moral awfulness — a great and accurate phrase — is playing a major role.

      I don’t think President Trump will be able to apply brakes to what’s happening, but he may be able to slow it down a bit. Better than nothing.


  5. I myself have never been able to understand or comprehend that when these situations occur, they burn down the stores which are often owned by blacks themselves in their very own neighborhoods. Is that a educational problem or just a issue where no value systems have ever been put in place?
    The picture is not good, I am glad that I am somewhat removed, but at some point it will impact us too.


    1. Tancho: You answered your own question. They have no value systems, or at least good ones. And keep in mind that with the standard IQ test, 50 percent of people are below average in intelligence.

      All of those people partake in the riots. They are nincompoops, pure and simple.


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