6 thoughts on “Music for a Monday morning

    1. Thanks, Ricardo. That’s a good Monday Morning Song too. Truth is, I’d never heard of Kimmie Rhodes. By the way, it’s easy to add YouTube videos to comments here. Just have to have the link on a separate line. Like this:


  1. I respect your taste in music but as for myself I can’t stand Cohen, especially that mind numbing ‘Hallelujah.’ Makes my ears bleed. Each to his own.


  2. Felipe, still reading every update, rarely commenting, but always enjoying your verbal rambles! Like the “new” format! Easy on the aulde eyes! Cheers! and keep on keeping on!


    1. Dan: Verbal rambles indeed, señor. Glad you like the new look. Me too.

      Don’t quite know why your comment went to moderation, but I think there’s a typo in your email address. That would do it.


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