14 thoughts on “The oppression of American women

  1. Yes, but that will not go unnoticed. It will be the focus of the discussion. The message will be forgotten. It is the nature of our society today.

    1. Señor Gill: It is the nature of our society today. Well, your society, not down here where I live where men are men, and women are … glad of it.

      Anyway, screw ’em, I say.

      1. It is the way of journalism as it is practiced now days. Distract, detract, and derail the conversation. Then we all talk about Melania’s shoes rather than the President’s visit to hurricane destroyed Texas.

        1. I left out distort. So the conversation was no longer about immigration, but how the President allegedly described Haiti. By the way, wasn’t that description spot on?

          1. Señor Gill: I was in Haiti twice during the dictatorship of Baby Doc. It was a disaster then, a colorful disaster but a disaster nonetheless. I doubt it’s improved since.

  2. I do not think that “guys” will be the focus of attention. I use it frequently referring to couples, women and men. The focus of attention is that she is asking a very valid question…Who? There was a march over the mountain that was an embarrassment. Ugly signs with ugly words that really meant nothing. After all was said and done back to their gated communities they went and probably somewhat tipsy.

    1. Peggy: Of course, “you guys” meant the two genders (and only two) genders.

      These anti-Trump women’s marches are exercises in silliness, marches populated by spoiled nincompoops who have nary a clue. They are all Democrats, of course.

  3. There have been several hilarious videos interviewing these women marchers and so many of them are clueless about the underlying point. I had dinner with a leftist friend last weekend in San Francisco and he cited the so-called pay gap as a reason, but then backed down quickly when I said that studies showed that equalizing for occupational choice there was no meaningful pay gap.

    No, the real truth is that these aren’t “women’s marches” as much as they are anti-Trump marches masquerading as women’s marches. Now, if women marched against sexual harassment, and the code of silence (from both genders) about this, that’d be a worthwhile endeavor. But that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson has put up another interesting video about the “War on Men,” something which seems to have been going on for a while.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where it’s too cold and rainy to march for anything besides better weather.

    1. Kim: I occasionally watch videos focusing on these “women’s marches” and, as you note, other anti-Trump escapades. The videos are done by conservative websites, etc., and the video makers hide who they really are, pretending to be fellow travelers. That is necessary, of course. The videos can be hilarious and/or cringe-worthy. The participants usually are dumb as rocks.

  4. Pretty embarrassing women’s march. Most of them turned into anti-Trump marches. The pussy hats are a leftover from last year in reference to Donald’s private quip from 12 years ago which was leaked to the media right before the election. OK, we get it. It was a sexist comment but then it was just the kind of over-the-top thing that guys sometimes say to each other in private to get a reaction or a snigger. I mean who hasn’t been to a stag party?!
    I understood the comment to loosely mean: if you’re rich, powerful or a celebrity, there are some women who will throw themselves or their underwear at you as with Tom Jones. It’s just a crude way to explain a truism. The existence of groupies. And it was intended to be a private comment. Women whipped on by the media went into a frenzy over this, became insane and then got busy sharing patterns and crocheting pink pussy hats.

    I’m okay with the #metoo campaign in outing sleazeballs like Weinstein as long as it doesn’t turn into a witch hunt. Unfortunately, the women’s march should have stuck with that theme rather than letting it transform into an anti-Trump hatefest.

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