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Downtown people on Saturday

The one in the middle is the mother of the one on the left.
Looking my way, but lost in her thoughts.
Shop girls where I bought a baguette.

I’VE BEEN LEAVING my camera at home too much lately, so today I didn’t. There are usually quite a few interesting people downtown who can be immortalized here.

2 thoughts on “Downtown people on Saturday

  1. We used to visit a corner vendor who sold shrimp burgers as well as hamberguesses’ (sic) at nighttime. He put on such a show of chopping, flippin’ and moving’ all the food around on his griddle that it was worthy of a few photos and the wait to get your food. He always seemed to know who got what in a crowd of 15 or more.


    1. Leisa: I know exactly who that is. He’s quite a character. I am very rarely downtown at night anymore, but I’ve purchased quite a bit of his good grub in the past. He supports his family, sends his kids to private schools and drives a late-model car, all due to that sidewalk burger stand. I often think of him when I hear people say there are no opportunities in Mexico. There are.


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