12 thoughts on “Day on the plaza

  1. The Plaza Grande is a beautiful place to while away a morning, afternoon or evening. I have a very dreamy painting of the plaza hanging on our living room wall. Fond memories of the people and families who enjoy the park as well.


  2. Felipe: The water in the fountain isn’t deep enough for the car wash guys to fill their buckets! Got to stand up for the working man, just don’t want to be one.


      1. Felipe: So there’s a fountain for the privileged and a fountain for the working class? Now that’s just discrimination!

        I used to love sitting on the benches watching people, as you do.


        1. Kris: Come on back. We’re not going anywhere. There are far worse places to be. For instance, anywhere at all above the Rio Bravo.

          As for the fountain, they are usually all full. I think the one in the video had just been cleaned and had not refilled. And as for sitting on the benches and watching people, my wife and I just got home from doing that very thing. It was nice too.


    1. Deb: You know that fellow? Not a surprise. Didn’t know his name. Yep, karma’s working fine over here.

      Your comment should not have gone to the moderation file. Been doing that lately (wrongly) with a couple of people. Blame WordPress, not me.


    1. Peggy: It always amuses me when I occasionally — thankfully, it’s not that often due to being off the Gringo tourist trail here — see Gringos walking our sidewalks, which are 7,200 chilly feet above sea level, in shorts and flip-flops. Makes one roll the eyes.


      1. Your characterization of your climate as “chilly” makes this Gringo roll his eyes. Don’t forget that you come from the southern lands of hot and humid in the USA. By the standards of the Rust Belt and Northeast, Pátzcuaro has a very temperate climate.


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