Springtime scenes on the plaza

holding on
Holding On.

SUNDAY ESPECIALLY is a swell time to head downtown to sit on a concrete bench and admire the passersby.

I snapped these two shots yesterday, and I’m sharing them with you.

I call the top photo “Holding On” because that’s what she’s doing. It’s what we all do after we reach a certain age. Oh, we may do other things, but down deep we’re just holding on, our fingers losing their grip on the crumbling ledge.

The Ladies.

The second shot I call “The Ladies” because that’s what they are. We have middle-aged, young and old. I don’t know if they’re related. It doesn’t matter.

Like me and my child bride, they were just sitting on a concrete bench enjoying a springtime afternoon on the plaza.

FYI: The one on the left is also “Holding On.”

* * * *

(Note: For better versions of these shots and many more, go here.)

9 thoughts on “Springtime scenes on the plaza

  1. Every day it gets easier to spot the folks that are “holding on.”
    A large group it is up here NOB, but smaller every year and me among ’em.

    People watching is a fascinating activity, I never tire of it. Maybe that’s why I’m such a poor golfer. Had I spent more time on the golf course and less sitting around watching people, perhaps I’d be on tour. Or not!

    Nice shots, as usual, señor


  2. I am surrounded by “holding oners.” Some are doing that gracefully, and then there are those such as I.


  3. All the “Bling” that the older lady has on is holding her on the Earth. God only knows what would happen if she took it all off!

    One day I was showing my grown grandson my jewelry in the safe deposit box. After he saw it, he looked and me and said, “Gram, you got some BLING!” He asked why I didn’t wear it any longer. I told him that I always feared some nut would see me in the grocery store, follow me home and rob us, just because of the “bling.” I also feel silly with super casual clothes and super “bling.” I would really have felt stupid in Mexico wearing large diamonds. Also, just asking for trouble.


    1. Beverly: You’ve made me think of my sister-in-law, the one who owns the coffee shop. She loads herself down with so much bling every day that it’s a miracle she can stand up straight.


  4. I have just returned from a memorial service up north. The room was filled with those who were hanging on. Without exception, those who have enjoyed the sheer joy of living were puttering down the same type of highway. Those who have lived pinched lives seemed to be living in terror. The core of Christianity and Buddhism would explain the division.


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