A wise house painter

THIS IS THE most level-headed look at the issue of illegal immigration that I’ve encountered. Well worth a listen.

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  1. Good stuff, very rational and good insight. Where in the world do you come up with these interesting videos, amigo?


    1. Mark: I’m a big fan of YouTube, and things get recommended to me. That’s where I see stuff. Sometimes I see good stuff just wandering through cyberspace. Recall that I don’t have job to go to.


  2. I must spend more time on YouTube. This is the most reasoned, well-spoken comment on immigration I have heard in recent times. Several excellent points made here.


    1. Ricardo: Yep, this painter really nails it. He’s the sort of “yahoo” the left sees as populating the middle of the country, Trump people who haven’t the sense to come in out of the rain and who marry their first cousins. Yet he’s obviously sharper than any spokesman from the Democrat Party anywhere.

      As for YouTube, it’s become incredible. It has about everything, vastly entertaining and informative. The only risk one has in putting material on YouTube is if it’s consistently conservative. It could get banned. But most things there are not political in the slightest.


  3. Sensible, not sensational. An intelligent approach to (for many people today) an emotional issue. We need more voices like his in journalism.


  4. The left is attempting to muzzle conservative thought. They want to shut down or control the narrative. CNN and MSNBC are nothing more than propaganda organs for the new Democratic party. Only their viewpoints matter.

    As the interchange of ideas and opinions is smothered in the media, it shifts to a person-to-person situation. From friend to friend, father and mother to sons and daughters, the truth wins out.

    While we cannot voice our opinions publicly, we can vote. And, we can refuse to buy the products advertised in the biased media. If it is advertised in the biased media, don’t buy it. Let the bastards starve.


    1. Señor Cotton: I bet the house painter and the president see eye to eye on this matter. The difference is that the house painter only has to make a video. Trump is in an entirely different position faced with very different hurdles. And, of course, all the screaming Bolsheviks.


  5. For some reason, wages in a lot of industries stagnated beginning about 1980. Certainly in the building trades which employs a lot of immigrants. But also in the trucking industry and in retail, which do not. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of pay increases in your old industry (news). There’s something going on here, and not all of it has to do with immigration or screaming Bolsheviks. Maybe a good part of it is that tax burdens have been shifted from capital onto labor, or that laws have been changed that crippled labor unions, or that industries have consolidated, making a smaller number of large employers and a much smaller number of small ones. Those things narrowed the economic base, and you just can’t have a healthy economy without a broad base.


    1. Creigh: There are rarely simple answers to big questions of this sort. As for pay increases in my previous profession, that’s the least of their worries. At least in print news, which is where I was. Simply surviving has become the issue. I got out in the nick of time. I’m a lucky guy.

      They’d likely run me out of the newsroom now anyway due to my wearing a MAGA gimme cap. There would be a horse outside, and buckets of tar and feathers.

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  6. Interesting how he points out the loss to the countries SOB. Could the likes of Nancy Pelosi ever come to grips with that idea? That it’s simply not fair to those good but unfortunate countries that we’re taking a lot of their best and brightest? That would be a nice counter-SJW take on why we need to control ingress into the country.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where most yardwork is done by middle-aged white guys. Seriously!


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