A Wednesday rundown

AT 8:30 A.M., I was parked in my post-pajama attire outside a tire outlet on the ring road with the intention of buying four new tires.

I arrived just moments before the joint opened and purchased Goodyears. My previous tires lasted the kilometer equivalent of about 30,000 miles and 2.5 years. I would have preferred more of both those measures. This new set cost the peso equivalent of about $367 U.S.

Having no point of comparison, I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

The new tires mean one thing:  I will be keeping the 2009 Honda indefinitely, not switching it for a new Kia Soul, which I’d been thinking of doing.

The Honda runs fine, so …

* * * *

Perhaps you know that a cabal of social media providers simultaneously threw Alex Jones, the Infowars fellow, into oblivion this week for no reason other than they do not like what comes from his mouth.

This is a very bad thing.

Jones is an objectionable fellow, I’ll grant, but the left-wingers crushed him because they disagree with his opinions. I heard something interesting this morning. It’s that virtually all of the world’s social media comes from within 300 miles of San Francisco.

Chew on that.

Some are calling Jones the canary in the mine.

Though Trump sits in the Oval Office, the Bolsheviks still control most of the important sectors of society in the Western World.

It’s a good time to be old and approaching death.

* * * *

It’s a lovely, cool August day here. After picking up the Honda at 10 a.m. and smooth-riding back to the Hacienda on new rubber, we ate cereal. My child bride cooked pinto beans for lunch this afternoon. We always have roasted chicken and beans on Wednesday.

I showered and dressed, did some plant trimming in the yard, swept the veranda, and now I’m going to the Jesus Patio and put my feet up.

* * * *

The news from yesterday was that I had a gold crown fall off one of my back molars. A few hours later I walked into a dental office on Romero Street, and a pretty young dentist reconnected it lickety-split for about $15 U.S.


27 thoughts on “A Wednesday rundown

  1. Well, sir, you obviously have your priorities straight. Get those tires replaced early and well. Nice price by the way. If you’re driving more than the length of your driveway, never keep a set of tires more than six years. They are programmed to disintegrate soon after that point, especially if the roads you use are not glass smooth.

    Congratulations on keeping the Honda. Excellent choice.

    And, just to top it off, pinto beans today. What could be better? Answer: nothing

    1. Ricardo: So the price is good? Nice to know. And as you well know, roads down here are rarely glass smooth. Though some of the autopistas are very nice. And the highway between here and the nearby capital city is smooth too. Looks like an autopista, but it isn’t.

      Yeah, keeping the Honda is the best choice. Pinto beans are always a good choice too, even with the gas and farts.

  2. I agree with keeping the Honda. We “ride the mule until it dies.” When we were younger, we had to have the newest. As we aged,we learned that everything provides the same service, until it gives out. Yes, tire price fair.

    1. Beverly: Good to know about the tire price. That reminds of me a former friend (dumped me due to politics) who moved down here a few years ago, and was worrying beforehand if good tires were available in Mexico. I believe she was planning on bringing down four new tires, just in case, in her trailer. Can’t be too careful, you know.

  3. I just paid a little over $900CDN for 4 General tires and a 4 wheel alignment. The alignment was only $60, so the tires were pricy. They had numerous good reviews, are all-season, and of course ridiculous 18″ diameter. They ride better and, more importantly, are much quieter than the originals, which also lasted about 30,000 miles. Mexico makes good tires for a good price, and you can also always get them repaired cheaply and close to wherever you happen to be.

    1. Kris: I did not get an alignment because it was tracking fine before the change. Still is. My Honda has 17-inch diameters. I don’t think these Goodyears are made down here, but imported. I could be mistaken.

  4. We just replaced tires on our Mazda. Nearly $700. You did well. But for that price one also gets lifetime tire rotation and alignment. Probably all comes out the same in the end. Please ask your Child Bride to share her bean recipe. I can never get it right as we do when in Patzcuaro.

    1. Post Script: You did well with your dental appointment cost as well! Surely that would have been a $75 visit here … and classified as an emergency, hence an added dental fee for that.

      1. Leisa: I added that event just because I like crowing about Mexican healthcare. Our regular dentist is in the state capital, so I headed downtown here to where I knew the address of at least three dentists. The first two were not in their offices. I hit the jackpot on the third. All three were within two blocks of one another. I am glad the first two were not available because I would never have made it to the third, which was a very modern installation where three dentists, all siblings, practice. I had never been in there before, and was very pleasantly surprised. I had to wait about half an hour, but I had my Kindle. She fixed me up rapidly, and out the door I went.

    2. Leisa: For $200 U.S. more, I could have bought Michelins, but I decided against it. I did not get lifetime rotation, but that is dirt cheap here. Alignments don’t cost much either. As for a bean recipe, I doubt she has one. She wings it. I do know it starts in a pressure cooker, and ends up in a clay pot. Beer is involved. And tomatoes and onions. Being in Mexico helps with beans. There’s something in the air.

    1. Señor Gill: I’ll watch the video later, but I see the title. I doubt the U.S. Senate will seize the internet. As for everyone having the right to their ideas, the California Bolsheviks could not disagree more.

  5. Tire brand and price: good. Honda: good. Dental: excellent. Social media: very bad. I’m out on all of them except a business/professional site. I’m convinced they are too dangerous.

    1. Ray: Yeah, I think I made the right calls on the tires, the car, certainly Mexican healthcare. As for social media, I have a Facebook page that I don’t do much with. I also have a Twitter account where I say little. I have Twitter in large part so I can listen to and chuckle along with the Blond Bomber. The Twitter alternative for conservatives, Gab.ai, is often too far out in the other direction for me, plus it’s poorly designed.

      YouTube can be very interesting. Twitter is worthwhile reading if only for the actor James Woods who is very active there. He’s incredibly sharp. Twitter is very entertaining and educational. You might consider opening an account there. It’s much better than Facebook.

        1. Ray: I had a Twitter account a few years back and canceled it. Just returned about six months ago. Due to the increasingly “interesting times,” it’s far better now. Alex Jones made himself an easy target with his buffoonery. Twitter cannot easily squelch people like Trump and others.

    2. Ray: I hope you’ve not ended your writing blog, with it being a social media arm. I always look forward to seeing Words Not On Paper in my mailbox.

  6. Hi Felipe. Back from the Bush for a few days to pay my rent and fix a compromised Visa card among other things. I bought four new Kumho tires for my Mazda B4000 PU this spring for $900 Can. You got a deal but I’m not bitter 🙂 Up here in Canuckstan we get bent over a barrel over just about everything. And we don’t complain (useless) but just suck it up and expect to pay more next year !

    Hope you’re having a good summer. We’re back to the cabin on Saturday ‘till October. Cheers.

    1. Hola, Brent. My heart goes out to you for living in Canuckstan. You always have the option of moving to Mexico. That’s what really smart people often do. In the meantime, however, back to the bush, and enjoy. Sounds like fun.

  7. Yes. I realize some people are smarter than me 🙂 but the cabin is lots of fun. It’s quiet, cool and a refuge away from all the unhinged craziness that seems to be spreading like a cancer across North America. I’ve noticed that Disqus has joined Google and Facebook in banning Alex Jones and Infowars. It’s disappointing to see this kind of draconian censorship in the 21st century whatever you think of Jones and his opinions. I wonder who will be next.

  8. How the heck do you manage to drive 12,000 miles a year? I read your figure there and was shocked, absolutely shocked. Right? You take the bus whenever you go far, and I can’t imagine the drive from home to the Plaza Grande is more than a few miles. Are you secretly working for Über on the side?

    As for Alex Jones, let’s imagine that it’s 1985 and a bunch of newspaper manufacturers (the people who turn trees into paper) decide to all get together and deny, say, the Houston Chronicle paper to print on because they find their content objectionable. Would such a thing be right or legal? “Oh, sure, you have the right to free speech, but no one guaranteed you the right to buy paper.”

    And if you look at it that way, then there seem to be grounds for some kind government anti-cartel prosecution against Apple, YouTube, (now Twitter) and the other corporate oppressors. I’m not exactly a fan of Alex Jones, but I will staunchly defend his right to his show. Even if he does think that the Newtown shooting was a hoax, who gives a flying F*** what he thinks? Just ignore him if you don’t like his message. And no, I don’t buy the “Twitter/Apple/Youtube” are private businesses and can do whatever they want argument. No. They’ve become public utilities with responsibilities beyond simply profit maximization.

    Imagine banks imposing “user agreements” with customers stipulating things like they can’t use their credit cards to buy cigarettes or alcohol or pornography. And then the banks close customers’ accounts with no warning for making such charges. Simply later saying it was part of the user agreement simply doesn’t cut it. Or imagine having to sign such a user agreement to buy a car, and then having it remotely turned off because you drove somewhere the car company doesn’t like. Right? Corporations simply shouldn’t have this kind of control over their customers. It’s positively illiberal and unamerican.

    This is what these social media companies are essentially doing, and so far, they are getting away with it. And it’s time to rein them in.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where I’d imagine there’s a healthy base of Alex Jones supporters. Certainly there are plenty of Trump supporters.

    1. P.S. Or, even more “Orwellianly” say Microsoft decided that you had to agree to not write hate speech using its software as part of its license to run Windows. Can you imagine the unwarranted power that would give Microsoft over the ENTIRE WORLD???? This attempt of private business to monitor and control speech is a disaster that’s now currently happening and it needs to stop.

    2. Kim: I could be wrong on that mileage. I never was good at arithmetic. As for taking the bus when I go far, that’s not quite so. We only take the bus to Mexico City. Nowhere else. But we’ve not been going far of late.

      As for FB, Twitter and their ilk, I wish them as much ill as can be tossed at them. They are bad people. Just today, I deleted both my Twitter and FB accounts. I’m now with MeWe, Gab and Minds. There are lots of nuts on there, but at least nobody is trying to gag them. Let nuts be nuts, I say.

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