Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hail to the chief and his own child bride!

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS from our humble Hacienda here on a mountaintop in the middle of Mexico.

The lovely couple above needs no introduction. Yes, it’s the Blond Bomber and his bombshell First Lady. Bow to them, ye peons.

Apart from the official White House photo, I have more gifts for you, a couple of brief videos for your viewing pleasure. First, there’s this one I shot here at home a year ago.

If you’re reading this Christmas morning, I’m in a nice hotel in the nearby capital city. I spent last night there alone after dropping my child bride off at a family member’s home abutting a slum.

Mexicans do a very late meal on Christmas Eve with 400 or 500 close relatives. I don’t do midnight meals, and I’m not much on hoopla either, so I headed to the hotel. I’ll go to a movie this afternoon and pick her up later for the drive up the mountainside to the Hacienda.

She gets to do her thing, and I get to do mine. That’s happiness, which is what Christmas should be all about. Well, in part.

Now for another video gift. This is for those of you who are in the presence today of people who back Bernie, Beto, Hill, Biden, perhaps even the fake squaw. Suffer through with this help.

And have a great 2019.

40 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho!

    1. Hola, Ray. You’re up early. Hoping for a glimpse of Santa? I’m sitting on the hotel bed in my flannel jammies, typing on a tablet and wondering how I’ll kill the day. Looking around the room, I see Santa skipped me altogether … yet again. Such is life. Saludos to the Redhead.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Felipe! Always enjoy reading of your life and escapades below the border. Nice prices on the hotel in Morelia. The rooms look comfortable.


    1. Michael: Thanks for the kind feedback. Yep, hotel prices in most of Mexico are a steal compared to the U.S. One of the many advantages of living here. And I was promised a double bed, but I’m spread out on a king!


  2. Feliz Navidad to you and the child bride, Señor Felipe. Thanks for the usual outstanding videos and for the hotel reference. I now have that hotel on my go-see-it list.

    The second video would be highly useful if I had such relatives. In fact, I do. However, we just don’t seem to get a lot of time together. My fault, I’m sure. I have wished all of them a Merry Christmas. In the past I have gone to great effort to maintain those relationships. It seems when I do not “convert” to the correct views, I am really not very welcome in their presence.

    Well, bless their hearts.

    Best to you, Sir!


    1. Ricardo, After spending the night, I’m not sure I would recommend the hotel very highly. There were details. I’m still in the hotel at this minute, but I’ll be gone within the hour.

      And bless you too!


        1. Carole: There was no street noise at all. It was other things. The coffee maker was a joke. I had to run the liquid through it twice because the first time it came out looking like light tea. No enough wall outlets. The bedside lamp kept turning itself off. And a raft of other details that should not have existed. I’ll stay elsewhere next time. It was not awful, but it could have been far better.


          1. Ah, yes, tipico. There’s at least one, and mostly several, thing(s) in the accommodations of Mexico that need a fix. For a long stay, it can be very annoying.

            Nice-looking place, though, at the surface.


            1. Carole: It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t real good. It was middling. Of course, I did not pay all that much, the peso equivalent of about $45 U.S., including tax. I imagine you can’t even get a Motel 6 for that in the U.S. these days.


              1. One of the things I learned about hotels during my many business trips was that the odds of something wrong with the room, lighting, WiFi, plumbing, or something else is that they are directly proportional to how late you check in and how tired you are. So if you arrive at 10:00 PM, exhausted, then there will almost surely be something wrong. And that something will require a visit by an “engineer,” whose arrival time cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty whatsoever. But it’s going to be soon, really soon.

                Seems like you underwent a lot of bother to save yourself a roundtrip home.


                Kim G
                Redding, CA
                Where either everything works or the house is falling apart. Depending on how you look at it.

                P.S. That last video was a hoot.
                P.P.S Thanks for the video of your fireplace. Lovely. Though I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of you bundled up, with the unlit propane heater in the background.


                1. Kim: That is my standard winter morning attire, regardless of the temp. Neither the fireplace nor the gas heater keep one warm if one is standing more than four feet away from it. It is Mexican life here on the mountaintop, and it is not for everyone, certainly not for the faint of heart. It makes men and women of us, people of a sturdy constitution!

                  Yes, I know you are teasing me, and I forgive. I am not sensitive in that way. However, I do not tease the aforementioned Steve Cotton. I try to help him see the light, guide him toward logic, but he is impervious and continues on his wacky way.

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  3. Enjoy your day, my friend. I love the White House Christmas photo. Swaying to the music in front of the fireplace puts a smile on my weary face. Sixty-plus tamales are ready to be taken to Lakeside for a get-together that I hope are enjoyed as I’m not staying. Sciatica has kicked up big time. Family greetings from Hawaii, Seattle and Virginia Beach. This is a really strange Christmas for me this year.


  4. Happy winter holiday greetings in a PC manner. We hosted my wife’s family’s annual borrachera at our house. Time has taken a horrible toll on them. Nobody can drink or eat the usual holiday goodies. The holidays are terrible for drunks and diabetics. Only about a dozen showed up. Most cannot drive, or see after dark. There was Splenda and prune juice for all.

    The wife and I made the tamales. Every year, the ojas get worse. Somebody should get the government to create an ojas quality-control agency. It would only take about five or six billion dollars a year to ensure that we have the decent corn husk we as citizens of this great country deserve.

    Maybe the next congress will do something about it.

    Perhaps you should attend your wife’s family’s affair. Wear your “Make America Great Again” hat.

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    1. Señor Gill: You’re a funny guy. Thanks for that. I’m sorry you had to host the get-together this year. It does not sound like fun. I do like tamales, however, if they are good ones. Often (usually) they are not. At least down here. A Mexican I used to work with on the Houston newspaper brought tamales to the office every holiday season. His wife, also Mexican, made them. They were the best tamales I’ve ever eaten in my life. I miss them.

      I wish I had a MAGA cap. Nobody sells them down here, of course. The only way I could get one is to order if from above the border, and it’s almost certain that Mexican Customs would defile it as they did the Trump cup I ordered after he won the election. Lots of my Mexican relatives already know I’m a Trump fan. Even my wife has come to appreciate him.

      If I had a MAGA cap, I’d have to keep it at home. Wearing it out in public would be perilous, as it is in parts of the U.S., from what I read online. Sad.


      1. I want that “Make Tijuana Great Again” hat. I have seen the “Make Finland Great Again” hat for sale, but my wife wouldn’t let me buy it. Too many people have no idea what or where Finland is.


        1. Señor Gill: Never seen the “Make Tijuana Great Again” hat. That’s a hoot. But your wife is right. Nobody knows anything about Finland, or where it is. Heck, half of Americans don’t know where Canada or Mexico are.


  5. Merry Christmas, Felipe! You are the bright star, not the lodestar, not the polestar, mind you, but just one of the brightest and best.

    Several years I’ve gone to Paseo Altozano on Christmas Day, and it was hoppin’. This afternoon I may go to Walmart to buy some flour.


  6. Merry Christmas, Felipe. I’m writing this while the priest gives his homily. I’m up in the choir loft playing my second mass on tympani. A Merry Christmas is a working day for musicians. Enjoy your day, and I hope you have many more. Salud!


    1. Paul: It took some sleuthing to figure out how panatwo was, but I did it. I think that’s why WordPress sent your comment to the moderation line.

      Felíz Navidad to you too, what’s left of it. We just got home. I can see you in the choir loft with the tympani. It’s quite a vision. ¡Salud!


  7. Cute video, amigo. Merry Christmas from up North. Going to take my doggies for a walk in the desert and ponder my good fortunes, health, friends, and good memories.

    Felíz Navidad, mi amigo viejo 😁🎅


    1. Same at you, Marco. Give the doggies a hug for me. And it’s good to ponder one’s good fortunes. As for memories, as old as I am, I have a plethora, both good and bad. I dwell on the good. So should we all.


    1. Gerard: ¡Felíz navidad to you too! And a profitable New Year.

      Of course, the video will never win a Grammy or an Academy Award, etc. It was a puff piece, but the message was humorously accurate. I liked it.


  8. Thanks for that video. It made me laugh because it’s so true. When people drop by, I’ve got to hide a few items that might trigger them. I’ve got my Russian nesting dolls: Trump, Hillary, Obarry, GWB and little Billy in the middle. Then there’s my “Art of the Deal” and “The Making of the President” books. Almost forgot. My Trump and Putin socks. I was considering wearing them out for Christmas dinner with the relatives but decided against it. My Trump/Pence 2020 “Keeping America Great” T-shirt would look great with black slacks and a dinner jacket. Nope. This year while in Mexico I noticed quite a few anti-Trump T-shirts and hats. I bought the worst one I could find. ‘Chinga tu Madre, Donald. I know, I know. I’m not sure why I bought it.

    I hope you had a nice, peaceful (and warm) Christmas in the hotel. We’ve got one big family dinner to do and then relax. Cheers.


    1. Brent: Funny you’ve got all that stuff, and you’re not even an American. You prove that Canucks can be smart too. Kudos.

      Oh, yes, the anti-Trump sentiment is prevalent among the Gringos down here. They probably hate him far more than most Mexicans do. It’s lamentable, and I lament it often. It’s particularly evident in San Miguel de Allende. That’s likely one of the reasons I never intend to visit San Miguel ever again. I’ve sworn it off.


  9. By the way, the video of how to handle liberal leftist relatives during the holidays reminded me of friends in the past having to de-gay their houses before relatives would visit. By the way, Candace Owens did a funny video where she comes out to her parents as a conservative and they beg her to tell them she’s a lesbian instead.


    Kim G


  10. The title of this post kind of contradicts your affection for Trump. Was it purposefully satirical or an unconscious error? But either way it is a perfect description of the pair.


    1. Gerard, P.S.: Thinking on it a bit more, I guess the interpretation would differ depending on whether one embraces the Blond Bomber and his great works … or does not. An eye-of-the-beholder thing.


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