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WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, my child bride opted to sit with me on the far side of the main plaza instead of doing what she usually does on late afternoons, gossiping nonstop with her sister. I think she felt guilty for leaving me alone on Christmas Eve.

I took advantage of her guilt. We sat a spell.

We purchased a couple of pastries at a bakery nearby and sat at the very same coffee shop where I sat solo 18 years ago and, due to the view, decided to move from the state capital here to the mountaintop.

The deciding view on that fateful afternoon was not this view. It was 90 degrees to the left, but that’s not the photo I took on Wednesday. The two white cars are driving by. The two dark cars are parked because the street beyond them is blocked off due to Christmas decorations.

This corner is notable because it is where the final bit of work took place last week that completed the street renovation around the plaza, something that was ongoing for a year or more.

It was a lovely evening, as most evenings here are.

But we also have mornings. Here’s a video I shot in 2011. Nothing much has changed. Morning, smoke, chickens and songbirds.


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    1. Leisa: Yep, it’s been a years-long grind, but they’ve finally got it done, not just the street around the plaza, but some others that spread out from it. They still are going to renovate the sidewalks around the plaza, as far as I know. They’ve done two sides, and have two sides to go. At least that was the plan. But doing the sidewalks goes fast, a week or two, nothing like the interminable grind of replacing the cobblestone streets.


        1. Leisa: I have heard of no plans to replace the benches. When the plaza was upgraded about five years ago, they even added more of those back-breaking, butt-hurting benches. Needless to say, I’m not a fan.


  1. My time in Mexico has always been best spent on the plaza people watching. The world’s best hobby to those of us who value it. That, and taking in the moment in the moment.

    A guilty wife can be an excellent thing.



    1. Marco: On the day in question, the day the light lit above my noodle, at that other coffee shop across the plaza, you had not even entered my life. You probably still lived on the beach. So, no, you are not chicken liver. You are something or other, but not chicken liver.


  2. Your video view reminds me of some of the scenery in Honduras, back in the day when I visited a couple of times each year.

    Question: Do you ever get used to those freakin’ roosters?


    1. Ray: I don’t know what was up with all the smoke in the video on that morning. It’s normally not doing that, but it did lend a certain atmosphere to the video.

      Do I ever get used to the freaking roosters? Yep, long ago. Plus, I was outside on the upstairs terraza when I shot the video. Downstairs in the bedroom, their racket is less noticeable. It also only took us about a week to grow accustomed to the trains that pass just a block away. They’re pretty noisy at night, and we usually don’t even wake up anymore. One can get used to about anything, it seems.

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