Recess with Huckabee

MIKE HUCKABEE, a former governor of Arkansas, a former Baptist minister, a former presidential aspirant, a bass guitar player and the dad of President Trump’s press secretary, is one of my favorite fellows.

Neither Mike nor his daughter, the wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a chip off the ole block, suffer fools gladly.

As we all know, politicos in the Democrat Party have been screaming and promising to impeach the Blond Bomber since Day One. Mike takes five minutes to put that silliness into perspective.

17 thoughts on “Recess with Huckabee

  1. I guess he recognized a need in his audience for an explanation of impeachment. Something the rest of us learned in 9th grade civics. Impeachment was probably one of the few multi-syllable words in his entire explanation. Of course, the only way he would get any applause from that audience was to keep it very, very simple. Articulate thought or speech scares the hell out of them.


    1. Gerard: He pointed out the obvious. Democrats hollering Impeach! since the Blond Bomber won the presidency indicates they have no clue what it entails. And the people hollering it should know better. Clearly, they do not. Sad.


  2. So a total of 3 or 4 Democrats call for impeachment, (despite Huckleberry’s assertions, they know exactly what it entails) an ex-politician tries to rile a less than intelligent group of the base into a froth over nothing. A group that fears intellect and considers it a defect.

    I wonder how much Huckleberry got paid for his appearance? Whatever it was, PT Barnum is smiling.


        1. Gerard: Oh, he’ll be elected in 2020 and, with luck, he’ll soldier on till 2004. The only potential fly in the ointment is his age, but he seems pretty spry for his vintage. In 2024, the U.S. will almost certainly get one of your leftist presidents because that’s what history indicates will happen. Then we can continue down the rabbit hole.


  3. The President will speak tonight from the oval office. Let’s hope people can listen to the message, so we can deal with the problems facing our nation. Sadly, so many find it more interesting to poke fun at others rather than deal with the issues. They make rude remarks like cheeto, mock his hair and scream the MF word. We need to solve problems, not mock others. How low our level of national discourse has sunk. It is truly sad.


    1. I swear the Bizarro World actually exists! The biggest culprit of incivility is without doubt the clown in the WH. He has constantly mocked, belittled and insulted anyone who disagrees with him. And the truly sad part is people who cannot accept the truth.


        1. Uncivilty was a typo. The U being right brside the I on the keyboard. My fingers are all thumbs on my cel’s keyboard.

          And thanks for simply saying we disagree. I hate the silly cliché where one must “agree to disagree.” Sounds too Canadian.


          1. Gerard: I did not even notice uncivility. I fixed it on your last comment. You sent me to the dictionary. Uncivil is a word, but unciviilty, oddly, is not. Go figure.

            As for “agree to disagree,” I often use it. Doesn’t bother me. Sounding Canadian’s not such a bad thing.


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