Winter windows

Bedroom view which is full of golden datura much of the year. But not now.
Living room. We made the stained glass years ago.
Dining room. That’s the new yard patio out there.

IT’S COLD outside, but the view from inside is nice nonetheless.

The skies are blue, the air is chill, and all is right with the world, if you don’t think about the lack of gasoline. But I filled up yesterday, so I’m happy.

The cold I caught over two weeks ago is finally winding down, and it taught me a hard lesson. Don’t remove my long johns in winter.

I donned them in December, and later removed them for just one day, 24 freaking hours, and that’s when I caught the cold.

We’ll be heading downtown before noon today to make yearly payments. Property taxes on two houses and water bill on one, the Downtown Casita. These are done in person at City Hall.

I paid the property tax on the Mexico City condo online last week. Water bills for the Hacienda are paid monthly, same for Mexico City.

The only other annual fee is that for two cars. I do that online too. Oh, yes, the post office box. I paid that at the post office two weeks ago. About 15 bucks. All these things are quite reasonable, a pittance compared to what you Gringos and Canucks pay where you live, poor babies.

Inexpensive living with wonderful window views.

And all the tacos you can eat.

* * * *

(Update! When we got to City Hall to pay our stuff, the entrance was blocked by POPs (Pissed-Off People) demanding to get paid for something or other. This is not a rare occurrence in this country. We’ll have to return to pay some other day.)

27 thoughts on “Winter windows

    1. Gerard: You could make that comparison. But his were full-body long johns. I just don thermal pants. Above the waist is no problem. That’s why the Goddess invented heavy coats and scarves.


  1. Felipe: There has been a run on illness segments on the news lately, mostly due to the extreme return of measles to the U.S. and Canada, fueled by the anti-vaccination idiots. The other ones are colds and influenza. I recall my early days in elementary school where we were lined up and jabbed, no questions asked. I saw the results of polio and tuberculosis, with people having to live in an iron lung, and I am happy that I escaped those diseases, because I was vaccinated. I get my flu shot every year. To the best of my knowledge I survived my various shots without any side effects.

    A cold is a virus. Going a day without long johns does not cause a cold. I haven’t worn long underwear this year, haven’t had a cold, and it is considerably colder here than at your abode. They will though warm the area where you have a missing portion. I am, however, happy that you are in recovery mode. Stay warm!


    1. Kris: I know a cold is a virus, but I also know that if I get noticeably chilled for more than just a minute or two, I am very likely to catch a cold. Many years of experience have taught me this quite clearly. How the virus gets in at that moment is a mystery to me, but it happens.


  2. The virus and bacterial bugs are not so much spread on surfaces as they are airborne. My grandchildren are cold/virus factories, so I have bought for myself a nose-and-mouth face mask to wear when in their germy presence. It’s best to avoid getting an infection as an elder (and I’m much too old to have grandchildren the ages mine are).


    1. Carole: The cold viruses spot me with insufficient attire, and they head right down my gullet. As for germy grandkids, I have no grandkids and never will, so I have that advantage over you. No need for face masks.


  3. A lot of illnesses are transmitted from the hands to the mouth, nose and eyes. When one gets off of public transit, the first thing they ought to do is wash their hands.

    Everyone touches those hand bars and rails. Don’t touch anywhere on your body until the hands are washed. Don’t rub eyes or nose.

    Beware of door knobs. Flush the urinal with something other than your hand. A paper towel will do fine.

    And now we have another fifteen thousand Central Americans headed our way. God only knows what their medical condition is, and if they have had their immunizations.


        1. Really? My comment was sarcasm. Nazi antisemitic propaganda included the Jews are being bearers of disease. Personally, I feel all refugees should be treated equally. Obviously, you and RG disagree.


      1. Agree, nice stained glass. But I have to believe that the hard part of stained glass is what to make, not actually making it. Kinda like music: what notes to play, not how to actually make the sound. Past a certain skill level, that seems to be the difference between just ok and really good.


        1. Creigh: Actually, the making is considerably more difficult than the decision of what to make. Virtually anything you can draw can be put in stained glass. The physical doing of it ain’t so easy. It can get pretty tedious, depending on the design.


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