Climate does change

Photo from the upstairs terraza today as another lovely day dawns.

WEEPY BARRY Obama, as I like to call him, once said, parroting his leftist party line, that “Climate Change” was an existential threat.

This is nonsense. Climate has always changed, and yet here we are.

The climate on my Mexican mountaintop sure changes. In summer, it rains daily. In winter, it doesn’t rain at all with some very rare exceptions. In spring it’s dry and dusty. In fall, it’s quite lovely.

Here’s an interesting, brief video with some sage, clear-thinking, actual scientists setting us straight on the climate-change hysteria.

Don’t worry! Be happy!

39 thoughts on “Climate does change

  1. Nice photo. Yes the climate is always changing. The earth has warmed and cooled many times before humans were even present. There is no proof that human activity is much of a factor. Global warming is a good thing except for many major cities which were stupidly built at the high tide mark. It’s a heck of a lot better than an ice age which would scrape my country down to bare rock. I would no doubt be in a caravan heading south.


      1. Ha, ha! Quit rubbing it in. Our glorious leader seems to screw up everything he touches. Hopefully, he will be defeated in the fall, but I fear the devil I don’t know. The other choices are not very inspiring. Canada aside, I’m totally happy with my life here. After 22 years living in the bush like a hermit I love our rental apartment downtown. Just came back from half an hour at the pool/hot tub/sauna complex. No one was there! And yesterday they just installed about $20,000 of exercise equipment. “I’d rather be the rich poor than the poor rich.”

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  2. I’m happy! Are you happy?

    Being reasonable about anything is a largely lost art in today’s society NOB.

    It seems everyone has a theory about how to make things better. The problem is that these schemes are often not based in fact.

    I continue to hold out hope that enough folks up here have the reason gene.


  3. Felipe: The fact is that global warming doesn’t mean that it just gets warmer, and you know that as well as I. What is happening is that there are extremes that have never been recorded before. More hurricanes and tornados, flooding and wildfires. Record heat in the summer, and just had record cold all across the northern U.S.

    I can remember when I was younger that there was more snow in winter. Then, in the recent past, it has been milder. It could be cyclical, but nobody knows the length of the cycles.

    The same as anything, you’re going to get scientists on both sides. One side is wrong. If 99% say humans cause it, the odds are that the 1% are being paid to disagree. Either way, being environmentally responsible isn’t difficult and doesn’t require any sacrifice.

    We are dependent on the use of oil and oil products, and even the tree huggers are using them, just living in denial.


    1. Kris: Whether there are extremes that have never been recorded before perhaps is true, but the recording of such things is a relatively modern thing. For most of human existence, nobody was recording anything.

      This whole issue has become completely political.

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      1. Felipe: According to my cousin, the creationist, the earth is only 6,000 years old. A lot of religious fanatics adhere to that belief. There are a lot of excuses to deny science, some of them are just stupider than others.


        1. Kris: My paternal grandparents were devout Baptists and Methodists — yes, they attended different churches — and they were pretty sure the moon was a hole in the sky. Really. Of course, they were born in the late 1800s.


  4. The general public thrives on sensationalism. Climate changes have been happening since the beginning of time. Has mankind aided to this? Perhaps. A bit. There will always be a difference of opinion on this hot topic … pun intended.


    1. Leisa: Hot topic! I get it. But sometimes it’s a cold topic. One of my favorite “climate change” stories is that of the research vessel a few years ago that went to Antarctica to study global warming. They got stuck in the ice, and had to be airlifted out. So much for global warming. I still chuckle at it.


  5. Nothing in nature is static. Everything changes. Sometimes in a twinkling of an eye, other times in eons.

    The climate of our world is subject to the forces of volcanic activity, erosion, sun activity and variations of its rotation. There are probably many other forces at work that we have yet to discover. I suspect more pollution was produced in one day of Mount Pinatubo’s eruption than mankind managed to produce in all of our existence. Extinction is the end fate of all organisms. Get over it.


  6. There seems to be a war on plastic items, especially plastic straws. It is all about a patch of garbage floating around in the Pacific Ocean. I suspect that is the result of some tsunamis that happened in the Far East.

    Banning plastic here will have no effect on that patch of garbage in the Pacific. They say plastic never degrades. I invite them to look at the dash of my car. It is totally ruined by the sun.


  7. So the argument here is that climate change is bogus and is being promoted for political reasons. How does that work? Who is benefiting from the argument that carbon dioxide is heating up the planet? The arguments are largely being generated by government scientists. I’m having a hard time coming up with a scenario that makes any sense where these scientists benefit from either side of this argument.

    Given that the big energy companies are big supporters of politicians on both sides, wouldn’t it make more sense for the politics to run the other way?


    1. Creigh: Not quite right. The argument here — well, from me at least — is not that climate change is bogus. It’s that climate changes, and has always changed. The political aspect is that it’s mostly those on the left who believe we’re in peril and those on the right who do not. Those who believe we’re in peril are descendants of the Flower Power, tree-hugging generation or actual elderly members themselves. Those who do not believe we’re in peril are the rest of us. As for scientific “evidence,” it appears that both sides have such evidence, conflicting, of course. So it all boils down to whether one is a lefty or a righty. Funny, huh?


      1. Not all on the right are ignoring the peril. The military and intelligence communities are very concerned, see for example the intelligence report that Trump obviously hasn’t read. Much of the right does seem to have its head in the sand but we’ve got an awful lot of infrastructure that is predicated on the kind of climate that has prevailed for modern human history. I’m thinking of agriculture here, but not limited to that. Also, we still haven’t answered the question, who benefits from raising alarms vs. who benefits from ignoring potential problems?


    2. The federal government has and still is providing billions of dollars in grants to research climate change. Scientist are benefiting from this big time.


        1. Here I have to agree: follow the money. Who benefits, the question I keep asking but nobody answers. (OK, Thirsty has an answer, but more on that answer later). Yes, there are “facts” on both sides, and most of us are not qualified to dispute on that level (certainly not me). But it’s pretty easy to perceive motivations, at least on one side.

          I actually worked for 20+ years in a US Government research laboratory. Nobody at those labs is making “billions” and if some scientist did get paid lots of money, the question of “who benefits” merely shifts to who is paying the billions and how they benefit. And there’s no clear answer to that.

          On the other hand, the answer to “who benefits” is perfectly clear for climate deniers: the coal and oil industries.

          And, of course, people who don’t want to be inconvenienced by larger problems that they don’t expect to affect them personally. At least not right now. To paraphrase Upton Sinclair: “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something, when his personal convenience depends on his not understanding it.”


          1. Creigh: Upton Sinclair was quite correct, of course. Our personal interests almost always trump everything else.

            As for getting away from oil and coal, I’m all for it. Ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime, however. Nor yours.


  8. The ever-fascinating Mark Steyn on the topic at hand. If the video does not work here, do this. Go to YouTube and type “Mark Steyn rebukes Democrats” in the search bar. It should be the first one to appear on the subsequent list. Should be viewable … or not.


      1. Brent: I don’t know what’s going on with that. When I first saw the video yesterday, it worked fine. Later when I added it here, I ran into that problem. I then went to my YouTube channel where I had it saved on Favorites. I copied the URL, and it worked again. That’s when I added it here, where it worked at first, but not now.

        Try this: Go to YouTube and type “Mark Steyn rebukes Democrats” in the search bar. It should be the first one to appear on the subsequent list. Should be viewable … or not. Hope so.


      2. Yeah, something goofy is happening. Depending on where you find the video, it works sometimes and sometimes not.

        I don’t think it’s being suppressed. I think it’s a technical issue.

        Go to YouTube and type “Mark Steyn rebukes Democrats” into the search bar. It should be the first video on the subsequent list, and it likely works.



  9. Of course, there is climate change. It’s called winter, spring, summer and fall. The sun goes through cycles, and so does the Earth. It’s been that way from the beginning. However, a real proof that the science is not settled is that fact that scientists who disprove man-made global anything aren’t given any audience, the media keeping them out.

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  10. It’s not that I can’t be persuaded, but I won’t be persuaded out of my common sense. And who gave the title of experts? The reason our youth, and later when they reach adulthood, can be made to believe we can destroy the world or oceans through pollution, the reason (Sandra Bullock’s space movie anyone?) we can be made to believe we can over-pollute space, the reason anyone cares that Andromeda might collide with our galaxy in a billion years is thanks to our poor educational system. Most do not want our youth able to think critically. They want them swamped in the “new”, lack of real information, texts, focusing on testing and so on. Parents need to take the responsibility for real information, education, and common sense back so their children have real understanding.

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      1. And they’re not interested in young people truly understanding and learning for themselves. As one who has taught many grades, including high school, I have been amazed how what was common sense in grade school becomes altered in the later grades. Something happens. I think when children become teens, their minds become maleable in the sense that rhetoric seeps in. However, a strong foundation in rational thinking can help many get through those times of rhetoric.

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          1. You said it, Felipe. And so many of today’s parents and congressmen went through the destabilization of honest understanding. It’s so sad. I think this is why I was so troubled in my youth. I didn’t hear enough real communication. I was being taught. But I wasn’t being taught to think for myself. Which is so very much why I believe we have so much mental illness in America (Some of it is, of course, due to chemicals and other reasons.). People simply can not grow up happy with “group think” and illogic. It eventually taxes the system. When people understand, truly understand, it’s like breathing fresh air. But then they come against those who will not tolerate and that becomes another difficulty.

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