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I’M A YUGE fan of President Trump, a man I call the Blond Bomber, not for his involvement in overseas wars because he’s not a fan of that, but for the daily raspberries he lobs into the leftist camp. He is such fun!

And this is a fun, brief video. The Blond Bomber’s approval rating has soared following his masterful State of the Union speech.

On to 2020!

36 thoughts on “Your daily chuckle

  1. What a bunch of sourpusses. They will sacrifice our nation just to see President Trump fail. Bitter, evil people with no good plan. They see no end to ripping off our nation. Their goal is to turn our country into a one-party kleptocracy. They will turn us into Zimbabwe or Venezuela.

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  2. The SOTU speech was epic. I loved the reaction of the “women in white” conducted by Pelosi. They seemed confused whether to stand, sit or clap. Not really much of a show of solidarity. Trump seemed to be playing everyone like puppets on strings. The primaries should be a lot of fun. Who will parachute in at the last minute to save the day ? Michele O.? Oprah? Hillary? All I know is I’m stocking up on popcorn! Enjoy.

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  3. The 2020 parade is going to be fun to watch here in Texas. We still have large numbers of older folks who vote like their parents did in the New Deal. But, we have larger numbers who vote the Donald’s party.

    We are not that far off the old-West frontier here. Many of us do not want it different than that. One of the things I have liked best about Mexico is that the government leaves you alone to live your life. We can help each other when it’s needed. And much more efficiently.

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    1. Ricardo: My parents were staunch New Deal Democrats. I wonder what they would think of today’s Democrat Party. Not positively, I hope. Out of family tradition, I followed their political path until 2008, which is when the Democrats flew off the rails. It was obvious. It went downhill from there.

      Yes, government down here pretty much does leave you alone. I like it. But it does require voter IDs to vote, and I like that too. Illegal aliens cannot vote in Mexico unlike up there where you guys are. Sad.


      1. My Dad was a staunch New Deal-loving, FDR-idolizing Democrat. My Mom was his polar opposite. Lyndon Johnson was just too much for him to take, though. So, he re-registered as a Republican in 1966 — primarily because he was concerned about the Vietnam lies coming out of the White House. Coincidentally (or maybe not) that was the same year he converted to Christianity.

        As you know, I have never been a fan of The Donald, even though I do support some of his policies. This video, though, points out that I will not despoil my Dad’s journey by supporting any of the candidates on the left.


        1. Señor Cotton: Appears your dad was not so staunch a Democrat as you think if he flipped to the GOP side. Hell would have frozen over before my parents would have done that for any reason whatsoever. They viewed the GOP as the anti-Christ. I was living three states away from my parents during the Vietnam war, and I don’t recall that we ever discussed it. I don’t remember their ever having said anything bad about LBJ. I imagine his being a Democrat was enough for them and, of course, the The Great Society baloney. They were sure on board with that. Welfare to everyone with a dark skin tone.

          I hope you vote for the Blond Bomber in the next election. He’s doing a fine job considering the power of the Deep State that’s up against him. Both parties are involved in that. I tend to think your opposition to him is, to a great degree, just being contrary, which you do sometimes in many areas of life.

          If you vote for some third-party candidate, both Ms. Shoes and I will be at your beach door with bricks and sticks. Give it serious thought. We don’t want to hurt you. But we will. Discipline must be enforced.


      2. Where does this idea that illegal aliens can vote in the U.S. come from? Other than, of course, the Blond Bomber’s unsubstantiated ranting? Personally, I think resident aliens should be able to vote. They pay taxes here, they live under our laws, they should have a voice in the government.

        And I don’t have a problem with voter ID, which is also the norm in the U.S. as far as places I’m familiar with. When it comes to voter fraud, absentee voting looks like the most likely place to look. If I was trying to commit voter fraud, absentee would be how I would do it. No ID required.


        1. Creigh: Many places in the U.S. permit one to register to vote with just a driver’s license. And many places issue driver’s licenses — most, I imagine — without proof of citizenship. California for one goes out of its way to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens probably in part specifically so they can vote. And though many states, from what I have read, question on the voter registration if you’re a citizen. You check yes, no proof is required. It’s the honor system. I read a news story just recently — probably on some wacky right-wing website — that hundreds — or was it thousands? — of illegals have been uncovered on voter rolls in Texas.

          Bottom line is that it’s easy for illegals to vote in the U.S. in many places. And, of course, they invariably vote Democrat. I am absolutely convinced that California’s going for Hillary in the last presidential election was fueled to a great extent by votes of illegals, encouraged by the Democrat Party.

          Nice to hear you have no quarrel with voter IDs. I think they should be mandatory. They are mandatory in Mexico, and concrete evidence (almost always the birth certificate) must be shown to get a laminated, full-color, tamper-resistant voter card here. I have one, and I had to show my naturalization papers to get it. Mexico does not permit resident aliens to vote. I totally agree. Voting should be restricted to citizens in my opinion.


        2. Hola Creigh,

          Here’s an article on 11,000 non-citizen voters discovered in Pennsylvania:

          The article also points out that Texas, just days earlier, had found 100,000 such non-citizen voters. Also, don’t you find it suspicious that 29 states refused to turn over voter data to the commission that Trump had assembled to look for such voter fraud? And that those states overwhelmingly voted Democratic in the last election? At the very least, it would be worth finding out the extent of the problem. Even if you think that illegal voting isn’t a problem, you certainly can’t believe that not a single alien has registered to vote. And if a thorough audit proved your point, then it would no longer be up for debate.

          And even if you do think that aliens should vote (something I personally disagree with), it’s currently illegal. So as with permitting entry of hordes of poorly educated, Spanish-only speaking Central Americans, any proposals for change need to be legislated, not simply allowed to slide by whatever party is currently in power.

          What’s kind of annoying to me is the fact that folks on the left act as if Trump’s desire to enforce existing, well-established law is some kind of horror. It’s not; it’s simply his job, and indeed part of his swearing-in oath.


          Kim G
          Ajijic, Mexico
          Where all the Gringos are here legally, being too old and coddled to have crossed through the desert riding on the top of a train.

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  4. Mayor Daley said “Vote early and often.” Sadly, their party has been a bad egg ever since the Great Depression.

    Black Americans have voted for them ever since. But they were the party of slavery and Jim Crow. They were the party of the KKK. See how history can be twisted.


  5. The crazy Green New Deal reminds me of this episode of the Simpsons for some reason. A caveat: I haven’t liked the Simpsons for ages. It was good once.


    1. Brent: Wanna hear something odd? I’ve never seen a Simpson’s episode. Never. Oh, I’ve seen snippets now and then like this one, but I’ve never watched a full show. I think it was because I worked nights when I was in the newspaper business. I missed lots of popular shows due to that.You didn’t tape shows to watch later back then, or at least I didn’t.

      I liked this video. Can’t see the connection with Occasional Cortex’s nutty Green New Deal, however.

      By the way, your comment went to moderation due to the video. It does that.


      1. The connection to AOCs GND was just that if you give these low-information people the reins of power they will come up with pie-in-the-sky fantasies that are completely unaffordable. The Simpsons were really good the first five years but ran out of good ideas after that.


        1. Something the Right needs to come to grip with is this. They say we can’t afford pie-in-the-sky programs like government-paid college education, but somehow there’s plenty of money for occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Add to that the ridiculous tax cut done last year, and the Right has lost any and all claim to so-called “fiscal responsibility,” which is a joke in America. Imagine what a better state the country and the world would be in if we had spent 6 trillion dollars on education, infrastructure, etc., instead of overseas wars.

          So any dispassionate view of this will have to assign some culpability to the Right for creating the impression that the U.S. Treasury has bottomless resources.


          Kim G
          Ajijic, Jalisco
          Where all the government’s funds have been siphoned off and into private pockets.

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  6. You were lucky. Did you see California canceled the Bullet Train? The total cost would have been 77 billion dollars. The Federal Government has already dumped 3.5 billion dollars into the project. We could have built the wall on the southern border and had money left over to do likewise on the northern border.


  7. Felipe,

    President Trump is doing his best to make America great again. While his personality does rub me the wrong way his policies do not. I thought his SOTU speech was the best I’ve ever heard. My favorite moment came when I got to watch the look on Bernie Sanders’ face when President Trump said the U.S. would never be a socialist country. Priceless!!!



  8. I’ve been favorable to Trump, but this latest screw-up on the budget/wall is beyond stupid. I have to agree with Ann Coulter on this one. Not only did he not get his funds, but he signed legislation that dramatically increases the incentives for child trafficking, and signed legislation that expressly prohibits the construction of a wall. The Democrats had to tell their caucus expressly not to gloat for fear of tipping off Trump to his big failure before he signed the legislation.

    If that isn’t “losing bigly” then I don’t know what is.

    Frankly, IMHO Trump should have shut down more of the government (like air traffic control, thus preventing congressmen from leaving DC) until he got a deal. He should have used the bully pulpit to point out to mainstream America just how extreme the position of the Democrats is. He has alienated a big chunk of his base with this, and demonstrated that he isn’t some kind of master deal-maker. Indeed, he comes off looking like a buffoon; he’d have been better off taking the first offer and leaving the gov’t open.

    Really, at this point, the only reason to support Trump in 2020 at all is that the Democrats have all lost their collective minds. We aren’t making progress as a country, and prospects for that seem far off at this point.

    Things are NOT good.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where we really fear the consequences of this insane “deal.”


    1. P.S. The Democrats are probably about as likely to get free college, healthcare, etc., as the Republicans are to get a wall, e.g., probably ain’t gonna happen no matter who wins in 2020.


          1. Read the various analyses of the legislation. Wall construction has been banned by law, and it’s unlikely that any “emergency” declaration will be able to override that. Trump’s actions have caused him to jump from “lose” to “lose bigly.” And we now have created a huge incentive to child trafficking. It’s a done deal, and now beyond the reach of prayer.


  9. People will always vote for what they see as being in their personal interest. Whatever someone else has is seen as gained immorally. It needs to be taken away and distributed to us, the nonproductive folks. Remember Obama’s “You didn’t make that.” remark? Your success caused our failure. Greed, envy, social division and lies are the bread and butter of a certain political party. God help us.


    1. Señor Gill: Yes, let us not mention that party by its evil name. As for Weepy Barry’s “You didn’t make that,” remember another famous one, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

      He was a real prize.


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