12 thoughts on “Democrat depression

  1. Very funny, Felipe. I’ve stopped trying to talk some sense into unhinged never Trumpers. It’s pointless. Instead I post the following jumbo jumbo which surprisingly I’ve received many positive reactions to.

    “Wow! The cognitive dissonance is astounding. Imagine being so ponerized that one can’t see they’ve jumped the shark and are pushing identity politics in a desperate attempt at deflection. A couple more exchanges and Godwin’s Law will no doubt come into play. The Dunning-Kruger effect is already on display. Is it your moral preening that causes you to genuflect or just a severe case of preemptive blame-shifting? Whatever the case, someone’s algorithm needs tweaking. When all one can do is continually gaslight, your attempts at projection will fail. This is not a Rorschach test!”


    1. Marco: That clip from that movie, a German one, of course, from some years back, has been used quite a few times in this same way to make fun of leftists. It’s called The Bunker, but in German, not to be confused with another movie called the Bunker that stars Anthony Hopkins.


  2. Well, sir, there you go again increasing heart rates and blood pressure among the Leftists. And, it is pretty funny.



      1. It’s kind of amazing that the Democrats, who fought bitterly to protect Mueller’s investigation now don’t want to believe the conclusions. Makes you wonder why they didn’t just skip the investigation and proceed straight to impeachment. And where’s all that incriminating evidence that Adam Schiff kept talking about? The evidence that proved collusion beyond a doubt, but which was classified so he couldn’t share it? Has he called for its declassification?

        It’d be funny if it weren’t so scary to see half the country consumed by a conspiracy theory.


        Kim G
        Redding, CA
        Where the Democrats don’t have a chance.


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