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Semana Santa, again

Scene this morning upstairs. One of my art chairs.

OUR HOLY WEEK (Semana Santa) festivities kick off today with a huge artisan market downtown on the main plaza. At least I think that’s true because I saw lots of vendors setting up shop late yesterday.

We’ll know for sure when we get downtown this afternoon to sell pastries.

Semana Santa and the Day of the Dead are our two big tourist draws each year. It means clogged traffic and mobs of people and other inconveniences for those of us fortunate enough to live here, but it also brings money into town, always a good thing.

I took the above photo today. I shot the video below yesterday. The tinkle of wind chimes are from us. The cackle of chickens are from next door.

It’s how things look and sound around here in dusty, dry springtime.

18 thoughts on “Semana Santa, again

  1. The interminable Good Friday procession in San Miguel is the greatest Holy Week show on earth, with the possible exception of the one in Seville. Spectacular I must say, and one of the biggest tourist draws of the year. I saw it in its 12-hour entirety about eight or nine years ago, and half of it the following year. I stay home now. I think I’ve had enough.



    1. Señor Lanier: One year we went to your fair city to escape the Semana Santa hubbub here. Boy, was that ever a mistake that we won’t make again.

      Don’t know why WP sent you to the moderation line. I don’t have you down for moderation. The digital world is imperfect.


      1. Maybe I’ve been condemned to perpetual moderation for making light of Holy Week. I’m commenting using WordPress, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. If you feel like praying during Holy Week, do it at home. Don’t come here.


        1. Señor Lanier: Dang, it up and did it again. So I double-checked my moderation list and, lo and behold, there you are at the very bottom. Did not notice before. Not as young as I once was. I removed you from that very long list. My blacklist is just as long, perhaps longer. People misbehave.

          Yes, of course, you’re commenting using WordPress. There is no alternative here.

          As for Holy Week, no, I do not feel like praying, and I will not go there to do it. Actually, I have officially sworn off San Miguel. I don’t ever intend to visit again. Lots of other, better, options in Mexico.


  2. We loved witnessing and partaking in Semana Santa several years ago. In fact, we thought it excelled Day of The Dead, for us anyway. Such passion to play out each day of the roles these actors portrayed. It was easy to walk the streets with them as they paraded by in silence. So I’m envious of you being able to take this event in, year after year. Enjoy it.


    1. Leisa: The Procession of Silence is the best of the parades, or it should be. They’ve taken to starting it when there’s still lots of sunlight out, ruining the basic effect completely. What in the world are they thinking?


  3. Certainly doesn’t seem dry and dusty at your humble hacienda. Looks gorgeous! I’ve gone to the procession when I lived at Lakeside, and it was a true Mexican experience. But it is filed with “been there, done that.” Out where I live now they don’t do the whole enchilada procession, just lots of bells and cohetes.


      1. But we have some spectacular dust storms. Seal up the house and the car, and it still gets in. About thirty years ago, the summer rains suddenly got called “The Monsoon.” Now the know-it-alls are calling the dust storms “Haboobs.” Our dirt is better than your dirt, and don’t you forget it.


  4. Felipe: I’m wondering why you stopped painting. I started painting furniture and masks when I lived there because of the availability of inexpensive unpainted stuff. Here I have sunk to painting on common canvases. Being more inclined to graphic art, it’s a shift in styles. Since I only paint 15 or 20 minutes a day, the output is minimal.


      1. Felipe: The only things that I painted which I brought with me from Mexico are two small masks and a string of four carved fish. I was doing a lot of painting dots with toothpicks durig that phase, not the fastest way to apply paint.


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