This is my world now

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WELL, ONLY NOW and then.

I never thought it would end this way. A foreign land, a foreign wife, a foreign language, funny money, babies and kids. Okay, the babies and kids are not mine, thank the Goddess, but they’re in my life on occasion these days.

That poor creature on the left is Romina who almost gave me chickenpox. Actually, it was her parents. I do not blame her. And that’s her brother, Pablo, on the table.

My child bride loves children almost more than life itself, so the new generation is an endless gift to her, and that’s fine. We need such women.

* * * *

Life has returned to normal here on the mountaintop. The Easter Week mobs have gone back to wherever they came from, and peace has descended.

The massive artisan market on the big plaza has vanished and, as of yesterday, work crews were still removing the canvas roof that circled the plaza to protect the vendors from sun and rain. Mostly sun because it rarely rains here in April.

And we’re still awaiting the installation of glass over our upstairs terraza. A couple of fellows from the business stopped by yesterday to look at the frame again, not sure why, but it shows they’ve not taken our fat deposit and vamoosed for the border.

15 thoughts on “This is my world now

  1. You are a fortunate hombre … love comes from all directions to you, one way or another. Embrace it but no chickenpox!


    1. Angeline: It does indeed. It gets really hectic around here on holidays, especially the biggies.

      Your comment initially went into the trash file, but I noticed it quickly. Don’t know what it did that.


    1. Señor Cotton: Today, I am waiting for the hour to arrive in which I will steam Brussels sprouts that I found yesterday in Costco, the first Brussels sprouts I have seen since moving to Mexico lo these many years ago. I will broil salmon too. It will be nice.

      I do like steamed Brussels sprouts.


      1. On that, we fully agree. We get Brussels sprouts down our way around Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, Usually, at Soriana. One of the blessings of living on the Pacific, I guess.


        1. Señor Cotton: Actually, after spotting the sprouts at Costco, my better half informed me that they are available at a specialty store in the mercado here at times. Who knew? I had never mentioned to her my fondness for them.


    1. Andean! A voice from the past. Good to see (well, hear) you. I steam my sprouts, then cut them in half, put some butter on and then seasoned salt or lemon pepper. Yum.


      1. Felipe: Steamed, cut in half, drizzle with garlic butter, springle with crumbled bacon and parmesan. The side dish becomes a main course.


  2. A little restaurant close to us, Benjie’s Munch, has flash fried Brussels sprouts. When right out of the fryer, they’re like potato chips and they taste fantastic. Just the big outer leaves.


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