Terraza renovation: shade net

We chose this color because it matches the terraza walls.

THE GUYS CAME yesterday morning at 9 a.m. and installed the shade netting in the upstairs terraza, putting us one step closer to ending this months-long project.

We installed it under just half of the glass roof, the half where we’ll sit.

Most people choose black or some other dark color in these situations. But it’s not the color that reduces the UV rays of the sun. It’s the chemical makeup of the cloth itself. At midday, I stood out there with my UV meter, and it indicated zero.

When I stepped out to the area that’s not below the net, the UV meter went sky-high.

I decided to install the shade netting below the glass roof instead of above, as some people do. There are pluses and minuses to both approaches. Atop would have added some protection against the powerful hail storms we have here on occasion. But it would have complicated cleaning the glass, and the net would get nasty.

Below eliminates those problems, but it also eliminates the added protection against hail. However, the glass is 1/4-inch thick and tempered. Unlikely to break.

We’re still having water issues when a particularly powerful storm passes over, so we’ve ordered yet another canvas curtain, which will be installed next week in the open area to the left where you see the fan palm in the top photo. That means only one of the four directions will be open to the rain. With luck, that will be manageable.

If not, we’ll deal with it, likely with glass, not another canvas curtain.

We’ve already ordered and received from Amazon an attractive set of comfy outdoor furniture we’ll use in this space. Photos of that aspect to come later.

My child bride’s sister who lives downtown on the main plaza in a massive, Colonial edifice that is crumbling from neglect is adding a bedroom to that home. Priorities! Part of the work is a faux-stone facade on one wall. It looks stupendous, not faux at all.

This has captured my wife’s admiration, so we’ll likely be putting the same thing on part of our upstairs terraza walls. We’ll be too elegant by half.

For those new to this seemingly endless, home-improvement project, see here.

View from our sidewalk. Workman is replacing the ceiling fan/light.

17 thoughts on “Terraza renovation: shade net

  1. I really like the new shade screen. It is very inviting, and allows enough light to read under it during the day, without being too bright. Maybe that would work for the remaining open wall. Shade screen should control a lot of the blowing rain. Sort of like canvas tent in the rain, once it gets wet it just runs off, with a little drip inside. And I like the idea the glass will keep a lot of dirt off the screen, then get washed clean in the next rain. All automatically.


    1. Phxxer: I like it too. But for the remaining open space, we’ll be getting another curtain. I don’t think shade screen would be a good idea though I admit it never entered my mind to use it there. The curtain is half paid for already, so that’s what we’ll be getting.


  2. Looks great. The color of the netting really blends in with the house. Looking forward to see it with the new furniture.


  3. I would agree with the placement of the shade cloth under the glass panels. Makes the space have a softer appearance as well as dulling the sunshine. And when the skies are dark the cloth is a light color rather than a dark color such as black. I’m anxious to see the new luxe patio furniture.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Anyone not bearing gifts will be left out on the street. That may seem harsh, but it’s the way I live. And there is a peso minimum (cost) for the gifts. I will not say what that is due to wanting to know the true generosity of each party-goer.

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          1. Your crypto friend has baffled you again! Rubí became an internet sensation when she “invitó a todo el mundo” to her quinceañera. It became known as the most famous quinceañera in the world.

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            1. Gerard, P.S.: After mulling it a moment more, I do recall the birthday invite that you mention. It did make quite a news splash. It did not choose to stay in my memory, however, especially the girl’s name, because I just don’t give a rat’s backside about Mexican birthday parties. You do, however.


  4. The yellow shade looks so nice with your house colours. Black would look dull. The only other colour that would be nice is blue like the sky but I think yellow blends in the best.

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    1. Hi, Cathie! Thanks for reaffirming the wisdom of the choice. Blue was not even an option, which is to say it is not available from where I bought what we have. We’re content. Come visit and sit.


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