The thuggish left

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Democrats want to murder me!

YOU MAY BE familiar with the very funny, parody videos on YouTube over the past few months, featuring a cute 8-year-old named Ava Martinez who mimicked the clueless, young congresswoman widely known as AOC.

Ava’s channel was known as Mini AOC, and her stepfather and uncle were the adult supervisors of the fun channel. Ava was even interviewed on national TV.

She aspires to being an actress.

The channel has been closed and all work deleted. Why? Because leftists have doxxed and threatened Ava and her family, including death threats on the family’s phone.

As Dennis Prager has repeatedly stated, the left ruins everything it touches. These are people who vote for today’s Democrat Party, the people who preach tolerance, inclusion, fight “racism,” think there are more than two sexes and praise diversity.

Too many of them, however, are simply thugs.

Adiós, Ava. It was fun while it lasted.

Meanwhile, in other leftist lunacy, Nike has withdrawn tennis shoes that sported the American flag because Colin Kaepernick took offense. Below is the shoe that Kaepernick wants to wear. And Nike pays attention to this doofus.


Last week a reporter covering the Democrat debates overhead a member of the audience say out loud: I don’t think I’m a Democrat anymore. I had that same revelation in 2008.


May you have it soon, if you haven’t already. MAGA!

19 thoughts on “The thuggish left

  1. I hope you’re kidding about that shoe thing. But, it makes sense.

    Lunacy. This is not looking good.

    Out here NOB in the hinterlands of the real (read urban) world, we still have our share of lunatics of political persuasions. Thugs, however, are a lot more careful out here (for now).


    1. Ricardo: You mean about NIke pulling a flag shoe due to making Kaepernick unhappy? No, I’m not kidding. You gotta amplify your news sources, old boy! Lots of pathetic stuff going on.


        1. Felipe, you need to learn to follow the replies in their proper order. My reply, directly below and offset to Ricardo’s, was in response to HIS question about the ANTIFA shoe. Which is of course, absurd.


  2. Regrettable. Hopefully people making threats are being followed up on. Too many people think they can hide behind a social media screen and unfortunately they’re mostly right. If you’re a public figure you’re fair game for ridicule.


      1. I should have been clearer that if you’re a public figure — like AOC or Trump — you’re fair game for ridicule. I didn’t mean to imply that an 8-year-old would be. Threats should be taken seriously, although the great majority are simply from cowards hiding behind internet anonymity.


        1. Creigh: Quite right, and both AOC and Trump are ridiculed on a regular basis. Of course, from my perspective she deserves it far more than he does. And I imagine the death threats to Ava’s family were empty, but it would still be scary from their viewpoint. And one must not take chances with a child’s life.


  3. I thought those videos where great. Too bad the masked marauders of peace and love would go after an 8-year-old. A athlete quits his job, thinking someone else will hire him for more money and then is surprised when no one wants an overrated quitter, but some think he is a bright light and has some great insight to the way the world should be, me not so much!


    1. Kirk: Yes, Mini AOC’s videos were a hoot. My only complaint is they didn’t make enough of them. As for Kaepernick, he’s a awful human being. That Nike would hire him as a spokesman is even worse.


  4. “Americans spent much of last week yammering about Nike’s decision to cancel a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag while missing the point. U.S. consumers account for less than half of Nike’s booming revenue, and their share is dropping fast. Americans in general aren’t all that important to “American” companies, and the aging white Americans who wield such outsized power in politics are utterly irrelevant in the marketplace.”

    Chris Ladd, “Nationalism is a great idea that’s past its prime” (politicalorphans dot com, July 7)


    1. Creigh, P.S.: Half of any company’s revenue is a huge percentage, hardly insignificant.

      As for nationalism being past its prime, hardly. Nationalism is in human DNA. Before the creation of modern nation-states, it was simply called something else, or it was called nothing at all. It simply was. A good substitute word is tribalism. This modern fad notion that nationalism is dying is just that, a fad. It’s going nowhere because it can’t.


      1. Half of Nike’s revenue might still be American, but it certainly isn’t aging white Americans!
        And yes, humans are hard-wired for tribalism, but in many critically important areas — war, politics, commerce … organization is power. Ladd’s point is that as nationalism overtook tribalism and later feudalism as a superior organizational structure, something will overtake nationalism, which is starting to show some obvious cracks. He doesn’t claim to know what that structure will be.


        1. Creigh: I fail to see what “white people” have to do with this at all, aging or otherwise. As for whatever replaces nations, if such a thing is on the horizon, it will still be the same ole same ole. People want to associate with people “like them.” That ain’t never gonna change.

          Go to any university student center. Most everyone there will be strong advocates of inclusion, etc. Yet you’ll see the Asian students sitting over here, the black students sitting over there, the white students even more over there, and the Latinos in their area.

          The “Progressive” dream that the human race will one day be holding hands and humming Kumbaya is just that, a pipe dream. Even worse, holding onto that dream is bad due to its denial of reality.


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