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RECENTLY, I STUMBLED onto a blog written by a Canadian leftist* and read for the umpteenth time that The Blond Bomber, Donald Trump, is always verbally attacking people.

Let us clarify this oft-repeated charge: It is true that the president has thin skin and perhaps he Tweets a bit excessively. He does insult people.

But when does he insult people? He does it after others have insulted him first. Paying a lick of attention makes this perfectly clear. He does not start fights, but he does end them.

And since the Left hurls insults at President Trump daily due to nonstop hissy-fits, he returns it on a daily basis too. He is reacting, nothing more.

Trump does not suffer fools lightly.

So the next time you read that Trump is rude, pause a second, look at the specific exchange in question, and you’ll see the president simply leaned over and scooped up the mud that was hurled at him, and he lobbed it back at the hissy-fitter. Ker-splat!

This can be a politician, a talking head on a major network, a foreign dignitary, a Hollywood dunce, whomever. Trump gets insults from many quarters.

But if you don’t insult the president, he is a very well-mannered man, kind to children, dogs, cats, women and men of all races and peaceful religions, the disadvantaged, and even immigrants if they have visas or Green Cards.

What is the moral of this? Don’t insult him. Behave. Take the high road.

His total unwillingness to take crap is why we love him so. That and the fact that he’s a great president, perfect for the troubled times in which we live.

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* Canadian leftist is almost redundant. Almost.

26 thoughts on “The fastest gun

  1. That has too be the most idiotic post you have ever made! You have a noticeable lack of reasoning and judgment. As a pal, I recommend you consider being checked for dementia. Couldn’t hurt.


    1. And here above, ladies and gentleman, is a garden-variety, leftist hissy-fit. Notice the absolute lack of any factual attempt at rebuttal. It’s pure name-calling and insult. “Idiotic.” “lack of reasoning and judgment.” “dementia.” Sad.

      The Blond Bomber would lay into him, but I am made of softer, kinder material.

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      1. So, apparently since he is often among the first to comment, he finds your writing compelling to read. I’d say that is a left-handed compliment.

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        1. Carole: Left-handed compliment! Left. I get it! Thanks. Yes, I’m like catnip to ole Gerard. Alas, I must keep him on permanent moderation because he can flip out and/or he can chew a topic to death. He’s my resident SJW. And quite a contrast to the calm, reasonable Creigh who is also a man of the left, but of the good sort.


  2. They have been after Trump since he was inaugurated. Not my president. He needs to be impeached because he is mean and on and on. As far as Trump calling people names or idiots, it is probably not their fault they didn’t know they are idiots. No one has ever told them before. Anyone who thinks it is all one-sided, well, I am here to tell you that you are an idiot. Just in case you didn’t know.


  3. Well said, Felipe! This president says and does some things that make me cringe. But when I consider all that he has accomplished (in spite of the nonstop leftist attacks) he gets an A+ for his job performance from me. We will be truly blessed to have him in office for four more years!


      1. The recession that’s brewing offshore could well make Trump a one-termer, if it lands onshore too soon. That’s my #1 worry these days.


        Kim G
        El Paso, TX
        Where there seem to be a lot of unsold houses sitting around.


  4. Everyone in public life — especially politics — gets shots taken at them, usually hardly or only partially deserved. The classy ones rise above it, the insecure ones don’t.


    1. Creigh: You appear to think we’re living in normal times, but we are not. What’s been hurled at Trump since his surprising election victory is unprecedented. I think he’s reacting remarkably well.

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  5. The Democrats are not doing themselves any good with their “hate white people” rhetoric. About 66 percent of the people in the U.S. identify as being of the Caucasian race. They vote! Television news has spent all day telling us that people shoot other people because Donald Trump inspires them to do so. Are we so stupid that we would believe that? That character in Ohio who shot up those folks, including his sister, was an ANTIFA nut.

    People shoot other people because they are loonies and disconnected from society. With exception of Chicago, where it is probably drug-related. Some needed shooting as they say in Texas. Yes, President Trump is rude, but have you heard some of the foul things those Democrats have been saying? Everything is racist, homophobic, misogynistic.


        1. Señor Gill: And I’m a bit Cherokee too, or something like that. I think I’ll do a little War Dance before retiring to the teepee for the night. Alas, I sleep alone this evening because my young squaw is in Los Reyes for two days.


  6. The left tries real hard to promote their narrative in the media. But there is another narrative that takes place between family and friends. That is the what is expressed in the voting booth. The people know what is going on in this country. I can see CNN and MSNBC all shocked again at the outcome.


    1. Señor Gill: The left does not just try to promote their narrative in the media, they do it nonstop because the media and the left are one and the same. As for the people knowing what’s going on in the country, many do, but many do not. Enough do, I think, to sweep Trump into a second term with a greater vote margin than last time. How wonderful is that? As for people knowing what’s going on, I am heartened by the #WalkAway movement that is spreading rapidly. Even traditional Democrat voters like blacks and gays are wising up. That too is wonderful.

      No one is Walking Away from the GOP, of course. Quite the contrary.


  7. I wonder what is the eventual goal of the Democrat party? I am afraid it is to turn our nation into a one-party kleptocracy. I wonder if those who support that party could express their thoughts on the end result they expect?


    1. Señor Gill: There are two classes of people who vote for Democrats nowadays. First, idealists who think it is pretty much still the party of JFK and FDR. These tend to be older people. Second, nincompoops. These tend to be younger people. That’s the long and short of it. Sad.


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