Long gone like Elvis


THE AMERICAN Left has left the common-sense building, and I don’t think they’re coming back, but I wish they would.

So let’s put aside for the moment the nutty socialist stuff and the “everybody is a racist” mantra and just focus on immigration.

There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, and many of them would like to live in America. In fact, tens of millions of folks have illegally entered the USA since Ronald Reagan signed an immigrant amnesty bill in 1986.

Democrats, at least many of them, are happy the illegal people are here and are clamoring for millions more to come in the name of justice and diversity. Even though immigrant families are heavy users of welfare programs, and the nation currently owes 22 trillion dollars, liberals don’t care. The left actually wants to pay for the healthcare of foreign nationals who break U.S. immigration law.

Of course, this defies reason and will eventually lead to very bad things for all Americans as the national debt will eventually collapse the economy. Again, the left doesn’t care, and some look forward to that because socialism might replace capitalism if there’s ever a depression, which is possible with the crushing debt.

So maybe there is some common sense here after all.

* * * *

(This is a guest post by the inimitable Bill O’Reilly, formerly of Fox News.)

20 thoughts on “Long gone like Elvis

  1. So do you think you will be sent to a collective farm to be worked to death, or will you end up in the FEMA death camps? Too many in the lifeboat will sink it. Someone has to go. The Democrat Party’s current “Hate White People” rhetoric does not bode well for us. But someone has to do the work and pay the taxes. God willing, we will not live to see it.


    1. Señor Gill: As I have noted on many occasions, it’s a great time to be old. Let the young nincompoops reap what they sow. They are clueless at present.

      Of course, nincompoopery is not restricted to the young. Oldsters can easily, and do, swim in the Sea of Nincompoopery. The young, with luck, outgrow it, which is what I did. The old ones, however, are usually, but not always, beyond salvation. Sad.


  2. I suspect the huge public debt comes from the both guns and butter idea of the 1960s. Prior to that era, the debt was seen as something to be paid off. Then it became something to just be rolled over. Now, just who would buy bonds that pay less than the rate of inflation? The Fed sells soon-to-be-worthless cash to the U.S. Treasury for soon-to-be-worthless bonds.

    The idea that no one should suffer the pain of poverty ballooned the debt. The day that those EBT cards are not funded all Hell will break loose. Those people will not be denied. The U.S. dollar will become pretty much worthless when and if it is replaced by the gold-backed Chinese currency. That will happen when the Arabs decide to accept payment for petroleum in the Yuan. All those dollars used in the settlement of international debt will come home. That means a much lower standard of living for every one in the U.S. and a lot of other countries. That is not a happy thought.


  3. The flaws in our experiment in democracy are coming into full fruition.
    We made it some 250 years. It’s been a good run, but, sadly, stupidity, greed, and envy will rule the day once again.
    Perhaps the next country to give democracy a shot will learn from our mistakes.
    From among the ashes, may the Phoenix of democracy rise once again.


      1. Agreed, part of the flaws in our system is allowing anyone to vote. Should be required to pass a civics test, speak the native language to some degree, and NOT be on the dole. Anyone who depends upon the tit of the government should not have a say in how they spend my hard-earned tax dollars.


  4. Are you considering changing the name of your blog to “Happiness Street” or perhaps “Corner Sunshine Square”? Sorry, but there is just no hope for a pantheist in this life or the next!


  5. You don’t have to be an advocate of open borders (I don’t know anyone who is, although many Democrats think we should admit more immigration than we do) to see the immorality of Trump’s immigration policy. Actually, though, there’s a word from my misspent youth that better describes Trump’s acknowledged use of punishing children for things their parents have done: it’s chickenshit.


    1. Creigh: The entire issue/mess of illegals bringing children to the border began during the Obama Administration due to a policy change at that time.

      And anyone who thinks the U.S. should admit more immigrants is simply uninformed. I recommend you send the short video below to all your Democrat compadres.

      Whoops, it does not want to play, it seems. I imagine this has to do with the Bolsheviks who run YouTube. Funny, because I have it on a bookmark, and it still works.


  6. Also, since Mr. O’Reilly is predicting that the “crushing national debt” will cause the sky to fall, I might as well point out that the U.S. has had a national debt since 1836, and people have been predicting skyfall since 1837 and it keeps not happening. At this point, people like Mr. O’Reilly should have as much credibility on the subject as those crackpot preachers who periodically predict the end of the world.


    1. Creigh: This brief post is not about the national debt. It’s about illegal immigration which, ALSO adds — probably quite a bit — to the national debt. There are many reasons to oppose open borders. As for the national debt and its significance, and when it actually approaches a tipping point, is beyond my pay grade, probably yours too though I recall economics is one of your interests. While people have worried about the national debt for quite some time, I submit we’re in totally uncharted territory now on that subject.


  7. In the past, the debt was retired. Then, it became something to roll over. Now, even the Chinese will not buy it. It has become painfully aware that it will never be paid off. So the Treasury sells bonds to the Fed. This will in time ruin the member banks. We will be ruined like the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe. Good luck protecting what little you have. A rapacious government has no heart.


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