The morning after

FIVE OR SO years ago, a storm blew through our hardscrabble barrio, leaving nine enormous trees uprooted on our neighborhood plaza, about a quarter of the total.

They were humongous trees, 40 or 50 feet high, and it was no small storm that brought them all down at the same time. I’m convinced it was a tornado that briefly struck and departed, but due to the ferocity of the blow, no one was outside watching.

And there are no windows facing the plaza.

Yesterday something similar happened. It was fairly fast, and I did not think to get the camera and film it. I was standing at the door of the upstairs terraza praying the new canvas curtains wouldn’t be destroyed. They weren’t, but it looked dicey.

I think the wind gusts were hitting near-hurricane velocity.

This morning, I filmed this. It was a lovely dawn, and all has returned to normal. Later the two of us did our exercise walk on the nearby plaza. It was littered with fallen leaves and limbs. And the top of one tree, a section about 15 feet long, had broken off entirely.

A few years ago a plumber installed a solar water heater on our roof. He wasn’t going to, but I insisted he bolt it down, which he did. During yesterday’s storm, it would have landed atop the sex motel next door had it not been bolted to our roof.

One darn thing after another.

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  1. Bolts do work when it comes to rooftop installations. Our zinc roof was bolted and withstood a big hurricane that made direct landfall on our beach in Belize.

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  2. A solar water heater isn’t what should be coming onto a sex hotel. You did the right thing.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m the only person who ever takes the (rare) hurricane warnings seriously.

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