New Zealand loveliness

A FELLOW ON MeWe posted this, and I loved it. You will too.

These are kids from New Zealand singing Bob Dylan’s classic Mr. Tambourine Man. All of the youngsters are, well, kids singing, with one exception, the one with the great tan.

That one is incredible, and a joy to watch.

23 thoughts on “New Zealand loveliness

  1. Very nice. It’s great how others can be linked to this sort of venue which is very enjoyable and would slip outside of one’s circle if not brought to attention.


  2. Great if you like that sort of thing. I was abused as a child too. /sarc or maybe not…

    Sorry, Felipe, but I just can’t stand this kind of thing. Dump on me all you want. That kid was me.


      1. Sorry Felipe. Didn’t mean to disturb your happy place. I just can’t stand Bob Dylan and adults who force children to sing his songs. I should’ve kept my thoughts to myself. No doobies 😉


        1. Brent: No need to apologize! I just did not understand. My happy place remains happy, as always. As for Bob Dylan, I’m no fan either. Back when he was at his fame’s height, I never quite got it. Everyone thought his songs were so “deep.” Baloney, I said then, and I say it today too. Pretentious is more like it.

          But I do like Mr. Tambourine Man a lot. He hit the jackpot on that one. And no one is forcing those kids to sing, although a couple look rather dour, don’t they? But that main one is clearly enjoying herself. She’s a real talent. As for doobies, I have nothing against doobies, though I prefer more powerful products.


          1. You are right about Mr. Tambourine Man and a few other songs like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. Bob wrote some good songs but I just couldn’t stand his voice or his harmonica playing. I guess I was just triggered last night after playing guitar for a few hours at a party. Someone requested a Dylan song and I played it dutifully. It’s just that there are thousands of young children who can sing like birds and their well-meaning parents push them into singing lessons and performing, but very few of them actually make a career out of it. Perhaps this NZ girl will, but the odds are not good. She does have a beautiful voice and that unbridled innocence and optimism of youth. I suppose we should just enjoy the moment and I was wrong to pour cold water on it. I think it was the Dylan song that triggered me. I should’ve just gone to bed! Apologies to Kirk as well.


        2. Brent, P.S.: I just remembered that Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature! That ranks right up there in the rarefied air of silliness with Obama’s Peace Prize, the one they gave him about 10 minutes after he was inaugurated due to, well, you know, just because.


  3. A very amazing young girl we will see her in the future I hope. Brent is a disturbed individual, me thinks, likes others to not like him for some reason.


    1. Kirk: Yes, she is a delight to watch. I hope she becomes famous at least there in New Zealand. Due to her great tan, I’m guessing her ancestry is Maori, the native people of that nation. Interesting.

      Oh, Brent is not disturbed. I think we’ll have to ask his wife what’s up with him today. Let’s hope he feels better in the morning.


      1. Jessie Hillel. Jessie Hillel (born 2001/2002) is a solo performer known for her runner-up placing in Series Two of New Zealand’s Got Talent in 2012. She was born in New Zealand to her Indian parents. As a young artist Hillel performed in local shows and contests.
        Born: Wellington, New Zealand
        Occupation(s): Classical performer, singer-son…
        Jessie Hillel – Wikipedia › wiki › Jessie_Hillel


        1. Cracker: Thanks a big bunch for this! I did some internet sleuthing yesterday using the only name I had, that silly Starbugs thing, and did not find much, certainly not her name. So my video is a few years old. Her age now seems a bit unclear, 18 or 19. She looked about 12 in my video. And she’s of East Indian descent, not Maori.

          Here’s a more current video.


  4. Great couple of clips! I thoroughly enjoyed them. Jessie has a great voice! I lean a bit more towards jazz stylings, so here’s a youngster you might enjoy – Nikki Yanofski, a Canadian songbird.


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