MAGA man of Mexico


THE MAGA CAP that I ordered almost two months ago on eBay from a company in China finally arrived at the Hacienda yesterday.

I wear it proudly here after finishing breakfast today. I didn’t pay much for the cap because I knew I’d never wear it in public. But the thing is so cheaply made and cheesy that I overpaid the two or three dollars, including shipping, that it cost me.

Those Chinamen are wily buggers. But Trump’s trade deals will put them in their places. And the new USMCA pact with Canada and Mexico that Trump signed yesterday will also benefit Americans. With luck, Mexicans too. The Canadians? Meh. They have Trudeau.

My child bride inquired if I’d be wearing the cap downtown, and I said I didn’t think that would be wise. She, however, said no Mexican would know what it symbolized. She didn’t. Maybe, but I’ll just hang it on the wall near my cracked Trump coffee mug.

mugSome readers will recall that I ordered a Trump mug shortly after his stupendous 2016 election, also from an eBay vendor. On arriving at Mexican Customs, an agent removed it from the insulated packaging, smashed it, replaced it in the box, and sent it on to me.

I pasted it back together the best I could, and it serves proudly as a pen-holder.

I may not be drinking java from my Memorial Mug, but I still love it, am using it, and that Customs agent can just stick his attitude where the sun doesn’t shine.

30 thoughts on “MAGA man of Mexico

  1. And what a wise, rakish, and debonair figure you cut with that hat! It’s probably a good thing that you’ve opted not to wear it downtown, because women would be leaving their husbands, children begging to be adopted, and grown men reduced to tears over the sight. Everyone truly would be envious.


  2. For God’s sake, man, please do not wear that hat in public. I would really like to see you before an untimely passing, my friend! I like Trump too, but I wouldn’t even wear that hat here in the North. I like my scalp too much!


    1. Marco: That’s the kind of wussy attitude that lets leftists run all over us. Now put your cap on, and go to town. Take the blonde with you.

      Let me know how it turns out.


  3. I am not so sure the hat wouldn’t be recognized by some Mexicans in your town. They all didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. And those who do know its meaning probably wouldn’t view it positively. Nor the person wearing it. In my experience one ignores their astuteness at one’s own peril.


    1. Jonas: I suspect you are correct. And I think my wife said nobody would know what it represents is because she didn’t. She has other interests.

      The Mexican media, just like the media above the border, are flagrantly left-wing (with a few exceptions, also like above the border). And Mexicans are convinced that Trump hates all Mexicans, which he does not, of course. it’s nonsense.

      So I keep my Trump Love here at home.


    1. Ray: Nope, but you aroused my curiosity, and I walked downstairs and stood on the scales in the closet. I weigh 170, which is pretty much what I weighed when I moved to Mexico, and it’s also what I weighed when I got out of the Air Force in my early 20s. I weighed about 175 when I arrived south of the border, and I lost a bit due to the boring cuisine, I guess. At one point in my 30s, I weighed 225. I’m 6′-3″ tall, or I once was. People shrink with age, they say, and I have not measured my height in decades.

      I think the bulky coat in the photo causes you to think that. So, all is well on the health front as far as I know. Thanks for the worry. I hope you’re getting back to tip-top shape too.

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  4. Glad your hat finally made it. Now be a man, put it on and go to your local food market. Probably nothing will happen. 😉


    1. Brent: Easy for you to say. If I remember correctly, you don’t announce your political wisdom on your attire out in the real world. I’ll follow your lead. Sad times we live in. Sad that lefltists reject contrary opinions with cudgels.


    1. Thirsty: So they’ve become like toros in a bullring. Sad. We need to start rounding them up and holding them inside stadiums like Pinochet used to do. He had the right idea.


    1. Creigh: Something worked. It never got real bad, and I have a lingering nose issue, but basically I’m back to normal. Still waiting for the zinc you recommended to show up, however.


  5. You, at least, can leave your political announcements at home. Close to a dozen Mexicans here have told me I look like Donald Trump. The post office clerks take selfies with me. I should start charging.

    I fear such moments of good fun would be impossible in The Old Country. Maybe I should borrow your hat. I could then charge 10 pesos for each shot. Just like a public bathroom.


  6. I can think of no better place in Mexico to wear your hat than Ajijic. I rather doubt many of the Mexicans would care, but you’d surely throw the Gringos into an unmatched, apoplectic rage.

    While there about a year ago, I happened into a store called “The Dildoría,” which in addition to selling its eponymous product, also stocked a large range of anti-Trump hats. Just for fun, I asked the owner if he had any MAGA hats. Geez, truly some folks don’t have a sense of humor. This guy just about had a meltdown. I’d love to go back with a MAGA hat to his store just for fun. And the dude is CANADIAN!

    So just go to Ajijic, enjoy some well-prepared foreign cuisine, and then wear your MAGA hat for fun. It’d make great blog material.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where a MAGA hat would sorely test anti-gun sentiments.


    1. Kim: You “happened” into a place called the Dildoría? Good Lord, man. I see they have a Facebook page, and it’s just what I suspected it would be. I am appalled!

      But, putting that aside, so the Canuck owner reacted badly at the mention of MAGA? On the joint’s FB page, quite a few folks are commenting about what a great, swell, wonderful guy he is. Next time you’re in Mexico, whip by the Hacienda and I’ll give you my MAGA cap to wear back to Ajijic.

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        1. Marco, P.S.: I just messaged them to ask if they sell MAGA hats. Let’s see how they respond. I recommend you ask them the same thing. Let us all do so! It will be fun triggering!


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