Stealing sweet words

THE LEFT IS remarkably talented at stealing and misusing nice words. The most egregious example of this is how they have convinced almost everyone to refer to them as “liberals,” something they decidedly are not.

Using the classic, accurate definition of liberal, I am one and proud of it.

This Prager U video does excellent work in showing the actual chasm between Western leftists and bona fide liberals. Leftists are not “progressive” either, but they have also convinced almost everyone that they are.

Many of the Prager U videos have been banned from YouTube, which is owned by Google, which is run by bogus liberals, i.e. leftists. Real liberals oppose censorship. Bogus liberals embrace it with a vengeance. Sad.

For you Bernie people

THERE ARE Bernie people, past or present, who read The Moon on occasion. One is my second ex-wife, an otherwise intelligent woman. Another is a Louisiana lady who used to work in Honduras, also an otherwise intelligent woman.

I know this from the 2016 presidential election. Perhaps both have changed their tunes. Let us pray so. But as Bernie is riding high now in the Democrat Party nominee-selection process, it is clear there are hordes of Bernie people in the United States.

To quote President Trump: Sad.

Another Moon reader, a Cuban immigrant to the United States who now lives on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, tells me he will vote for whomever the Democrat Party nominates because Trump has to be defeated.

And if Ole Bernie, a geriatric socialist, is the Democrat candidate?

Dear me!

Here are two interesting and brief videos from the brilliant economist and Nobel Prize* winner Milton Friedman. He addresses the issues of socialism/collectivism, things dear to the heart of Bernie and his fanatical lemmings.

The videos were made in the 1970s, so when Friedman refers to Russia, it’s the former Soviet Union he’s talking about, not the Russia of today.

* This was when the Nobel Prize meant something, unlike now when it’s handed out to people like Barry Obama (Peace!) and Bob Dylan (Literature!). One must cringe.

The Valentine Meatloaf


THE SEX MOTEL next door is offering a Valentine’s discount this week, two hours of heavy breathing and howls for 100 pesos (about $5.50 U.S.), the price of a sleazy hooker in West Virginia. But here it’s BYOP, bring your own partner.

Valentine’s Day has additional meaning for the two of us at the Hacienda. It was on Valentine’s Day in 2002 that I first overnighted with my future child bride in her condo in Mexico City. We consider it an additional anniversary, the other being the official one when we legally married here in April of that same year.

That first Valentine’s was a night I’ll never forget in large part due to the godawful supper she served up. Not knowing my culinary preferences at that point, she figured she couldn’t go wrong with meat. Men want meat! What she plopped on my plate that night resembled a Meatloaf from Hell. And I ate it.

It was dreadful, but we laugh about it now.

My stomach was churning the rest of the night, which rather put a damper on the other activities I had preferred to focus on. Oh, well. It was worth it.

Eye of the camera


PULLING INTO the Hacienda Wednesday evening, I saw this sky over the sex motel next door, so I took a shot. I always tote the small Fujifilm camera in my man bag.

The bigger, better Canon is far heavier and usually stays at home.

And minutes before that shot, as I was rounding a corner on the neighborhood plaza, I stopped and photographed the distant mountains past the high railroad track.


A few days ago, I was on the big plaza downtown, sitting at the coffee shop. Just across from me was this girl. She’s one of a pretty trio that sometimes sits there blabbing and laughing for hours and drinking beer, but she was alone that day.

A few minutes after I photographed her, one of the others appeared, the one who looks like Salma Hayek, and joined her. The one in the photo pulled out a cigarette and stuck it into a holder, all Hollywood-like. They do that. Pretty girls but silly.

It’s fun to take pictures.