oneAren’t you afraid to live in Mexico?

No, one is generally safer here than in the United States of America.

Have you always been a right-wing nutjob?

No, most of my life I voted Democrat. However, like Charles Krauthammer, age made me wiser. According to a popular quiz that measures political positions, I am a centrist libertarian. However, I self-identify as a right-wing nutjob.

Why does The Unseen Moon focus so much on politics?

There is nothing more important than politics. It is something that affects our entire lives. Ask Cubans. Ask Venezuelans. Ask Ugandans. Ask Syrians. Ask North Koreans. Don’t think such stuff cannot happen to you. It can.

You favor legalization of drugs for adults. Why on earth would a right-wing nutjob do such a thing?

Non-addictive entheogens had a terrific, positive effect on my life in the late 1990s. When used responsibly, they can be enormous forces for self-improvement.

And sometimes lots of fun!

Aren’t you embarrassed to be married to a woman not much older than your daughter?

Quite the contrary.

Have you successfully assimilated into the Mexican culture?

I have not and never will. The cultural divide is very wide and difficult to overcome, especially for someone moving to Mexico late in life. The American/Canadian mindset intersects with the Mexican mindset in very few ways.

What are your vices?

I have no vices. I used to smoke and drink, but I quit smoking in the early 1990s, and I became a teetotaler in 1996. I am now perfect and have been known to walk on water.

Are you as fascinating in the flesh as you are online?

Decidedly not. I am a full-bore introvert. A Moon reader with whom I once shared a cafecito later described me as “taciturn.” She was being too kind.

Is The Unseen Moon a safe space?

Yes, polite people of all skin tones, nationalities, sexual preferences, ages, religions, political persuasions and genders (two’s the limit) are welcome here.

Do you anticipate moving back to the United States one day?

No, I will never move back to the United States. I have not even visited since early 2009.

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