The Unseen Moon’s library has 11 shelves:

The Pearls of Zapata

The Pearls is where the best posts end up. They come from The Unseen Moon and its predecessor, The Zapata Tales. They merit re-reading if I do say so myself.

The Old Marbol Hotel

Skullduggery in Dark City and beyond. There is a host of strange characters, plus blood, roast beef, pale ale and murder.

Dark Girl in the Blue Dress

A jungle romance with an unexpected twist.

Izamál: Place of the lizards

The last night of the iguana.

Newspaper days

I spent 30 years working at newspapers. Here’s how it went in a nutshell.

Cuba: A Communist Hellhole

Our 10th anniversary descent into Hell.

Satellite Moon

Light-hearted items, many about Mexico, but not all.

SlickPic photos

The photo collection from Mexico to Havana and beyond.

Cine Zapatesque

Felipe Zapata’s YouTube.


Video shorts made by me.

Eyes of the Moon

Art photography in black and white.