During the early 1990s, I painted art furniture, which was sold either directly or through galleries in Houston, Texas.  Here is part of the output.  If you hold your cursor over each photo, you’ll get a brief description.

The third piece down, the chest of drawers, was the first thing I ever did.  I bought the bureau in a used-furniture store, sanded and painted it.  All the way around.

The photo is actually the backside. It was about the only piece, aside from birdhouses, on which I painted every visible surface.

The second photo, with the wicker seat, was an old, beat-up chair I bought and reworked, including reweaving the wicker myself from scratch, a skill I learned at a volunteer job assisting the mentally deficient.

All the others except the birdhouses, which I made in my garage, I had constructed by a professional carpenter.

At the very bottom is the last piece I ever painted, done in Mexico in 2003.  The style had changed a good bit. I don’t do this anymore. It’s incredibly tedious.

21 thoughts on “Art

    1. P.S. The wicker portion of the seat of the chair in the second photo was done by me too. The little box sitting on the floor in the same photo also has a wicker part of the lid. I did volunteer work at a business that re-caned chairs, etc. The business was part of a home for people with mental disabilities, primarily low IQs. In non-PC terms: retarded folks. The people in question were at varying levels of smarts. It gave them something to do, and they earned some money. They were very, very nice.


  1. I have a friend who paid a man big bux for an entry hall piece similar in style to the artsy chest. I had chairs re-caned by a blind man. Took him a while to do six chairs but he had all the work he could handle.


    1. Carole: You reminded me of something. During that time someone from a high-end national fashion magazine contacted me and tried to hire me to paint a cabinet like the one in the fifth-down photo for the home of some hoitsy-toitsy rich person in Galveston. God knows what I could have charged (thousands, I imagine), but we did not get that far. I just said no. Painting this stuff was incredibly time-consuming, and I would have had to drive the 50-plus miles to Galveston a million times to pull it off. Or move there temporarily. Just wasn’t practical for me. For some reason that I don’t recall it was necessary to do the work at the customer’s house, not in my garage, which is where I normally worked.


  2. Isn’t this a coincidence! Just a couple of days back I was wondering if your art work would ever be seen on your pages again. Seems I also remember a desk and chair with the Sun flowing from the top of the desk and onto the chair?
    I applaude your charity work. While helping others I believe you might have helped yourself over a rocky road. I can see where this work would be time consuming and exacting. Appreciate you bringing this back, I really enjoy seeing this fine work. It belongs to the pages of The Unseen Moon!


    1. Parker: You have quite a memory. I almost included a photo of the chair and table here, but the photos are pretty amateurish. I took them myself. All of the shots here, save one, are professional photos. The table and chair in question were the final things I did, and I did them in the first few years that I lived south of the border.

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them.


    2. PS to Parker: You inspired me. I just added the chair at the bottom of the photos. Looks pretty good, better than I thought it would. The chair is sitting just behind me here on the other side of the room. The style had changed a good bit. It was done almost 10 years later than most of the other items.


  3. Wow, indeed a man of many talents, didn’t knew about it until now, great job.

    I remember you taking massage classes at some point, right? Or it’s my mind playing tricks on me. If you did, I’m sure la señora bonita los disfruta mucho.


    1. Hi, Gloria! Haven’t heard from you in quite a spell. And yes, I learned massage at a school in Houston in the late 1990s, not long before I abandoned the country. I am certified! A man of various talents.

      Hope all is going well for you.


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