Chicken neighbors

himherDUE TO WORK out back on what I once dubbed Mud Street, work I’m underwriting personally — a sidewalk — I’ve been out there watching the labor and meeting neighbors.

Here are two of those neighbors, a Mexican rooster and his woman. Actually, he has a number of women because he’s Mexican — and an amoral chicken.

Mud Street reverted to its actual name a few years back due to its being cobblestoned. Before it was dirt, becoming mud in the five-month rainy season. About the only time I go out there is to take garbage bags to the trash truck on the corner.

Maybe with the new sidewalk I’m installing, it will be prettier. Perhaps I’ll step out the back more often. Maybe I’ll meet more neighbors in that direction, both human, canine and fowl.

You never know.

Sheer convenience

THERE ARE MANY happy reasons to  live in Mexico. One is sheer convenience. It’s usually easy to live here.

Here is a typical example: I had to leave the Honda today at the repair shop, which is about halfway between our hardscrabble neighborhood and downtown.

I drove to the repair shop, explained the problem, and the mechanic got to work immediately. I stepped outside to the street and waved down a minibus, which costs seven pesos, about 40 cents in American money.

New ImageFifteen minutes later, I was deposited directly outside the Hacienda’s front gate. The car will be ready in the afternoon, one imagines.

Another example: The water heater in our downtown casita must be changed. The current heater is too small. We drove to Home Depot in the capital city and purchased a hefty heater, which just fit into the back of the Honda.

On returning home, I called my plumber-electrician, an independent operator. That was Saturday. He said he’ll do it tomorrow. He’ll come on time, and he won’t charge much.

A third example: We’re doing renovations here at the Hacienda. When I decided to do that, I phoned “a guy” in the neighborhood. He came over immediately on his bicycle.

He started the work two days later. His work is incredible. He’s an artist with stone and cement, plus he installed a new toilet. The work is over half done. More on that later.

And the price is quite right.

Example No. 4: Need a doctor appointment? Call and make it for the next day. And the waiting room will not be full of folks. It will be full of just you. You won’t wait long.

Mexico, in most respects, is a far easier place to live than in the United States. And when the problem with the Honda is resolved, I’ll get a call. Then I’ll step out the front gate, hail a minibus and retrace my route of this morning.

Another 40 cents, and I’ll be at the garage’s door.

You can breathe easy down here.

O sweet diversity!

FOLLOWING yesterday’s satiric, but true, video about the effects of political correctness on American education, here is another video about its effects on Europe.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 25 times, a successful nation is like a family. Citizens speak the same language, look the same, share a common religion and belief system.

There can be exceptions, of course — Gringos and Canucks in Mexico is one — but the exceptions must be few in number or the nation will cease to exist, and violence will result.