Mexican life

Scenes from over there

Why is that old, pinche pendejo Gringo photographing me?

THE FAMILY coffee shop was closed yesterday (rare) so I was forced to hit the competition. There’s plenty of that around the plaza, competition, but my favorite is way over there, and it was there where I sat with a café expreso for a spell.

It was late afternoon. And quiet.

I never order café expreso at the family joint because the aging machine does not make good café expreso. But since I was sitting at the competition, I ordered expreso.

It’s a small world, they say, and as I sat there solo my sister-in-law walked by — on the way to her dentist  — and a bit later her son, our nephew, the Little Vaquero, walked by in the opposite direction, returning home from the gym. He’s 16.

I also shot the photo below. Like the first, it was while sitting with my café expreso. I didn’t even have to stand up. Call me the Lazy Photographer.


Mexican life

The bougainvillea shot


IT’S THAT TIME of year again, the time for the annual bougainvillea shot.

I include my child bride for the sake of perspective. And, as in all years, the monster plant has been trimmed back. Abel the Deadpan Yardman did that about two months ago in winter. Yes, this is the trimmed-back look.

My child bride is dressed for the gym, by the way, an every-Monday occurrence, along with each Wednesday and Friday.

Now that I have removed the behemoth nopal, the too-tall, trash-tossing pear, another smaller pear and the trash-tossing peach tree, this beefed-up bougainvillea is the lone, remaining yard annoyance. Perhaps one day I’ll have it removed too.

It is rather attractive, however, and it does not toss rotten fruit, just dead blooms.

When I walked toward the kitchen this morning not long after dawn, I noticed this light play on the wall of the living room, so I photographed it.

It’s a colorful world.


Mexican life

Progress report on the dome

Now that is a blue sky.

THE BLACKSMITH and his boys finished the installation of the dome.* But it still lacks most of the paint. They began to spray it Monday but ran out of paint.

A visit to the paint store revealed that no more of that shade (Seacoast Red) would be available till Friday, mañana. So we hope they’ll finish the paint tomorrow.

As you can see, it’s partly red and mostly still brown.

A guy from the glass store came yesterday for measurements. It’s gonna be a whale of a lot of glass. We should know the price by this afternoon. We’re bracing ourselves.

An earlier post on this huge project is available here.

Here’s how it looked before the work started. There had been a relatively small roof of red clay tile up there, but we removed it before taking this photo.


* Mexicans call these things domos (domes), and they come in various forms, some actually domed and others flat like ours. Most have aluminum frames and polycarbonate sheets. Others are steel and glass. Domos are very common in Mexico.