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Sweet diversity

ALL YOU need is love. This nutty notion was born in the 1960s with the hippies, and it’s traveled down the years branded into the hearts of the hippies’ children and grandchildren.

The concept’s basic error is that all cultures are of equal value, that people around the world think the same.

The basic error is why so many support open borders, both literally and figuratively.

Open borders in Europe has led to Amsterdam and Sweden and Paris where Mohammedans run amok.

Closer to home, it’s led to places like Dearborn, Michigan, where now live lots of people who want to murder you.

Blame the Beatles. And ignorance.

Poor black folks

LEFTISTS LOVE to scream racist at all contrary opinions.

And they love all black people and know them to be oppressed by whites. Problem is that black folks in America have not been oppressed by whites since around the 1940s.

That’s the early part of the previous century. And then only in some neighborhoods.

Here’s a video by an intelligent woman who will ‘splain to you why so many blacks in America are poor.

Nutshell: It ain’t racism. It ain’t lack of equal opportunity.

It’s bad behavior. It’ll get you every time.

A good spanking!

AN EARLIER POST, Nincompoop Parade, focused on “liberal” media personalities who were gobsmacked by the fair-and-square election of Trump as president.

Let us turn now from the silly, East Coast swells masquerading as journalists and look at the legions of young Loony Tuners protesting — or rioting — in the streets.

Here’s a fellow named Chad Prather who puts it all in perfect perspective. Love the cowboy hat.

* * * *

(LOOK! The five most absurd ways leftists have responded to losing the presidential election. On the other hand, here is a 12-step program from The New York Times. It’s, of course, mostly left-wing nuttiness, but not entirely.)

Pray for Europe

ENCOURAGING multiculturalism is a very bad idea.

You see it in the growing strife across the United States. The Trump-Hillary conflict is at heart a conflict between multiculturalists and nationalists.

The antonym of multiculturalist is nationalist.

As Europe is bludgeoned into multiculturalism by screwball governments, you see growing strife there too.

And violence.

People of different religions, beliefs, languages and race do not sit comfortably in the living rooms of their opposites. In a perfect world, they would sit there comfortably, sharing tea, crumpets and conversation, but that world doesn’t exist.

Borders have always existed.

Tearing them down is a fool’s endeavor.

The Iliad Institute, formed after the suicide of a French nationalist named Dominique Venner, made the above video, which celebrates the distinctive history of Europe.

It’s a mindset that America should encourage.

Mexico does not celebrate multiculturalism. We celebrate Mexicanism. We are nationalist. That’s good.

Moving pictures

cameraVIDEOS ARE not my main thing, but I’ve done them, and maybe I’ll do more.

I have lots of videos from years past in a couple of internet corners. Links are elsewhere on this page.

Recently I discovered a video host that I like, and I opened a free account and inserted 10 very brief movies from those olden days that collectively provide an accurate flavor of life here on my Mexican mountaintop.

They are the wheat filtered from the chaff.

Small world: In the first video there is a blonde woman sitting at a café table. Her name is Robyn, and she was my bartender at a Decatur Street dive in New Orleans in the 1970s.

Her being here and my being here are totally coincidental. However, she’s only a part-timer on the mountaintop. I, on the other hand, am a permanent fixture.


Trump: the reaction

FOR EVERY ACTION, there is a reaction.

Donald Trump is a reaction. Below are a few examples of the actions to which The Donald is the reaction. These examples have been growing for decades. People are fed up.

Normal people, that is.

They are “mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore,” a paraphrase you may recall from the 1976 movie Network.

uturnThe actions began to increase markedly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, which gave America a sigh of relief and the freedom to focus on trivialities and stupidities.

The culture spiraled downward rapidly.

The following list just touches on the absurdities coursing through the veins of America. It is a long list, and you can flesh it out easily. You know you can.

  1. Choose your own gender. Choose your own public restroom.
  2. Black lives matter. Only black lives matter.
  3. Shout down and threaten non-leftist speakers at elite universities.
  4. Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist.
  5. Mohammedan terrorists are our pals.
  6. Israel is bad.
  7. Christians are evil and idiotic.
  8. Open borders.
  9. Sanctuary cities.
  10. Gay marriages.
  11. “White privilege.”
  12. America is a bad nation.
  13. Common Core (i.e. leftist indoctrination).
  14. Ignore the Constitution.
  15. Barack Hussein Obama.
  16. His 2009 Apology Tour.
  17. That Nobel Peace Prize.
  18. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
  19. “Workplace violence.”
  20. Women in the Marine Corps infantry.
  21. Policemen are murderers.
  22. Lena Dunham.
  23. Halloween costume enforcement.
  24. Beyoncé half-time shows in black leather.
  25. Eric Holder’s gun-running.
  26. Wearing little sombreros to a party is godawful.

These things and plenty more of their ilk have given rise to The Donald. You have only yourself to blame.

Good Aussie sense

THE AUSSIES are admirable. They enforce their borders, as all intelligent nations do. Get caught in Mexico without permission, and you’ll be booted out unceremoniously. Well, unless you’re part of the mobs of Central Americans just passing through on their way to the Rio Bravo.

That amuses us. Don’t jump off the roof of the train though.

I do not support multiculturalism or diversity as a national policy because it leads to grief and mayhem. A quick glance at the United States or borderless Europe these days offers proof positive of that. Devotion to diversity is, of course, a part of politically correct nuttiness.

The Aussies realize that Australia is for Australians. You can move to Australia, but you must do it legally, and I imagine Australia wants you to learn English, assimilate, get a job, and doff your chador.

And say “mate” a lot.

Nations that work best are mono-cultural, mono-lingual, mono-religious, and citizens sport the same skin tone. Commonalities are the building blocks of a nation, the sine qua non.

* * * *

Note: A related story from The Federalist.


THIS VIDEO from my boy Bill Whittle hails from 2011, a blast from the past, but it’s just as applicable today as it was four years back.

* * * *

* Yes, it really is a word. See here.

Living in paradise?


A GRINGA READER recently chided me for looking “at the dirt.” She was taking me to task for not regarding life in Mexico as “paradise.” Like many folks from above the Rio Bravo who have intelligently relocated to Mexico, she finds her new nation to be an endless delight. I am happy for her.

Even though moving to Mexico over 15 years ago was surely one of the best ideas of my life, I feel quite differently about this paradise thing. My contrary perspective comes from being in a Mexican family on one hand and, for many years now, having virtually nothing to do with Gringos on the other hand.

Let me begin by repeating the famous quote from Octavio Paz:

A Mexican’s face is a mask, and so is his smile.

What does this mean? It means what you see is false. Mexico has had a long, difficult and often bloody history. This made life uncertain and put people on constant edge. It also made folks quite suspicious of their neighbors. Mexicans love “Mexico,” but they don’t like other Mexicans much.

Our* long, difficult times have produced two things: 1. Our famous family ties. 2. A smile on our faces.

When you live in a troubled world where there were next to no official safety nets for centuries, you learn to rely on your relatives by necessity. Your family becomes the most important thing, and this cultural fixation continues today even though Mexico is not nearly as troubled and uncertain as it once was.

In the company of family is about the only place Mexicans let their hair down.

Everywhere else, they keep their hair up and a smile on their faces. This smile has become as famous and as locked in tradition as the deep bow in Japan. The smile, however, as Octavio Paz revealed, is bogus.

It is cultural, not heartfelt.

Foreigners here do not know this, and it’s why most find us so freaking “friendly.” It’s why Gringos and the many Canucks who live in Mexico believe they are bosom pals, best friends, with their maids and gardeners.

Mexico is, in fact, very socially stratified, much like Europe. We don’t embrace American egalitarianism.

The endless smile and associated words result in cultural traits that we’re famous for. Topping the list is that we will tell you that we will do something, show up for an appointment or come to lunch, when we have absolutely no intention whatsoever of doing it. We lie right in your face — with a smile, natch.

Almost as famous as our smile is our “yes.” The legion of problems this creates — up to and including the economy — is massive. A promise is often not a promise in the slightest.

I earlier mentioned the advantage of being in a Mexican family. It’s where truth comes out. So many times have I heard relatives say something to someone not in the family and then immediately say the exact opposite when the non-family member has departed. The outsider got the mask, the “yes” and the smile.

Most foreign residents, even those who’ve been here many years, think the mask is real, and that is where our reputation of being such friendly folks originates. But even so, living here at times can be quite trying.

It is very common for Gringos here to say how much they “love the culture,” a laughable phrase that invariably causes my eyeballs to roll in their sockets at the utter silliness of it. Truth is that some aspects of the culture, as in all cultures, are admirable. Some are quite nasty. It is like this in all nations of the world.

I have a funny story.

Years back, I was sitting at a sidewalk table downtown with an American couple who had lived here less than a year. During the conversation, the woman said that she “loved the culture.” My eyeballs started rotating, and the husband smiled because he knew my take on things.

A couple of months later I ran into him on the sidewalk, and I asked where his wife was. He said they were moving back to the United States, and his wife had left before him. I asked why. He said that his wife “couldn’t take it here anymore.” The figurative “dirt” had conquered her. I chuckled.

Almost all foreign residents here live on a separate plane, speaking English, interacting almost entirely with other foreigners, a sort of permanent vacation zone where the natives remain apart, smiling and masked. This woman had somehow wandered off the plantation, out of “Cancún,” an uncommon event.

There is dirt here, and I see it. There are also blue skies, beautiful visitas, helpful people who can do almost anything, low cost of living, low taxes, no dangerous worship of multiculturalism and diversity, liberty in most things, and an efficient, low-cost, healthcare system. It is the antithesis of the 21st century, left-leaning, elitist, meddlesome, spoiled, politically correct, downward-spiraling, race-obsessed, American culture.

But it is not paradise. No place is. But it’s pretty damn swell in spite of its warts.

* * * *

* Having been a citizen now for 10 years, I feel comfy saying “our.”