Hail wallops the Hacienda


IT SHOULD NOT be raining in these parts in March, but it’s done so a couple of times in recent weeks. But not like this afternoon. Lord no.

First, black clouds hovered over the mountains. Then they headed this way. Wind began to blow, big-time. Rain came and then hail, lots of hail.

We had one of the three canvas curtains extended on the upstairs terraza. The center of each curtain is clear plastic to permit light to enter. But after a summer in direct sunlight, the plastic had discolored and weakened. The hail tore it to shreds.

Here you can see the one that was destroyed, the clear part in the middle.

I’ve already called Nico the Curtain Man who says he’ll be here Wednesday. I think we’ll have to find some other material for the center of the canvas curtains, which we need to block the daily rains of summertime.

In the meantime, the yard looks like it needs a snowman.