As the Gringos are grappling with the boondoggle that is ObamaCare, seeing their premiums soar, their doctors retire early, their copayments double and that dumb website, I thought it would be nice to tell you a little tale of MexiCare. Yet again.

MexiCare is the Mexican health system, of course, something the Gringos should have simply duplicated. We have free to very inexpensive government care for the poor, and a reasonably priced private system for anyone wishing to use it. Neither system is obligatory.

healthcareHealth insurance is not only up to you, but medical prices, even in the private system, are affordable out of pocket for those with a middle-class income. No insurance required.

Here’s my tale. Read it and weep:

My bud Steve Cotton, who rents a Mexican beach house all year and visits now and then, recently had a medical issue, a heart problem. So he got an electrocardiogram, which revealed something troubling.

This led me to remember that my previous EKG was eight years ago. I have had a long-term, low-risk heart quirk for decades, so I scheduled an EKG just like Steve.

I drove Wednesday to a new, modern clinic here in town. The receptionist made an appointment for yesterday at 12:30 with an internist and his EKG machine. That is correct. It was not necessary to make the appointment a month in advance.

And it was with an actual doctor, not a med tech.

My child bride and I arrived at the appointed hour and were immediately shown to the doctor’s beautifully appointed office, not into a cubbyhole. Snazzy offices, leather sofas in the lobby and no waits are common in the private healthcare system.

We talked a bit. Then I reclined on his table, and the equipment was connected. I was measured. The results were read. All is normal. The charge for the test and the doctor visit was 300 pesos, which is about 24 American dollars this week.

MexiCare beats the bejezus out of ObamaCare (but what wouldn’t?) and it beats Canada’s socialized healthcare too. We do it right.