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Laughable laureates


YOU’VE LIKELY heard about this already and laughed out loud, but I can’t let it pass without mention.

Whatever prestige a Nobel Prize once bestowed, and it was considerable, began to crumble when the committee handed Weepy Barry Obama the Peace Prize 15 minutes after his inauguration.

And now this: The prize for literature goes to — harmonica riff, please — Bob Dylan.

Both the Obama  prize and this one are yet more examples of the rot of Western Civilization that was born in the hippie era of the 1960s and continues today.

And I’m not the only one to see this. Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting, said:

“I’m a Dylan fan, but this is an ill-conceived nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile, gibbering hippies.”

That observation alone deserves a Nobel Prize.

The sinking states

LORDY, LORDY, how low the United States has sunk.

Hillary is a demonstrable crook, yet to be tried and convicted. Weepy Barry goes to a memorial for those cops killed in Dallas to push unconstitutional gun control and scoot along the edge of actually blaming police for the officers’ murders.

He’s a class act and Peace Prize winner!

While Hillary is the likely Democrat candidate for president, over on the opposite end we have the combed-over egomaniac whom I support due to his being the only other option.*

The United States continues to ignore my sage advice that promoting diversity invariably leads to bad stuff.

Oh, well, I do what I can from down here.

You’ve got a former Miss Alabama saying the creep who killed the Dallas officers is a martyr. Alabama must be proud.

But don’t think that black folks are all dimwits because they certainly are not. Too many of them are, and so are a lot of whites who live in places like New York, Wisconsin, Oregon, California and San Miguel de Allende.

Here’s a very sharp black American:

* Trump is a reaction to the left-wing nuttiness running rampant in the nation.

Trump: the reaction

FOR EVERY ACTION, there is a reaction.

Donald Trump is a reaction. Below are a few examples of the actions to which The Donald is the reaction. These examples have been growing for decades. People are fed up.

Normal people, that is.

They are “mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore,” a paraphrase you may recall from the 1976 movie Network.

uturnThe actions began to increase markedly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, which gave America a sigh of relief and the freedom to focus on trivialities and stupidities.

The culture spiraled downward rapidly.

The following list just touches on the absurdities coursing through the veins of America. It is a long list, and you can flesh it out easily. You know you can.

  1. Choose your own gender. Choose your own public restroom.
  2. Black lives matter. Only black lives matter.
  3. Shout down and threaten non-leftist speakers at elite universities.
  4. Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist.
  5. Mohammedan terrorists are our pals.
  6. Israel is bad.
  7. Christians are evil and idiotic.
  8. Open borders.
  9. Sanctuary cities.
  10. Gay marriages.
  11. “White privilege.”
  12. America is a bad nation.
  13. Common Core (i.e. leftist indoctrination).
  14. Ignore the Constitution.
  15. Barack Hussein Obama.
  16. His 2009 Apology Tour.
  17. That Nobel Peace Prize.
  18. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
  19. “Workplace violence.”
  20. Women in the Marine Corps infantry.
  21. Policemen are murderers.
  22. Lena Dunham.
  23. Halloween costume enforcement.
  24. Beyoncé half-time shows in black leather.
  25. Eric Holder’s gun-running.
  26. Wearing little sombreros to a party is godawful.

These things and plenty more of their ilk have given rise to The Donald. You have only yourself to blame.

Neville Chamberlain, Jr.

“There will be peace in our time.”

NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN honored by Time magazine.

Nazis seek to conquer the world.
Murderous Nazis seek to conquer the world.

Barry Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.

"All cultures merit respect."
“All cultures merit respect.”
Mohammedans seek to conquer the world.
Murderous Mohammedans seek to conquer the world.

CONCLUSION: As there was no peace in those times, all cultures do not deserve respect.

Say it ain’t so!

I HAVE NOT been in the United States since George W. Bush was president.

In the ensuing years I have heard very disturbing rumors about what is happening above the Rio Bravo. Here are some, and I hope you will tell me they aren’t true.

1. There is a white/black president who claims he’s all black and people vote for him entirely due to that skin tone. And that his first and last names are African, and his middle name is Mohammedan. Say it ain’t so!

Barry2. This president is married to a woman who says she was never proud of America until her husband was nominated for president. Say it ain’t so!

3. This president and his wife attended a church for 20 years to hear a pastor named Jeremiah Wright holler about how evil America is. Say it ain’t so!

4. The president, contrary to law, frees Mohammedan murderers from their cells so he can get an Army deserter back home to his family, the father of which sports his own Mohammedan beard. Say it ain’t so!

5. The president chews gum at a ceremony on the anniversary of D-Day. Say it ain’t so!

6. The president won a Nobel Peace Prize 10 minutes after taking office when he had done nothing whatsoever to merit it. Say it ain’t so!

7. The president draws “red lines” for the nation’s enemies, dares them to cross it, and looks the other way, shuffling his feet, when they do. Say it ain’t so!

8. Christian bakers who don’t want to participate in gay weddings are sued, lose, and ordered to disregard their religion … and sent to sensitivity classes.* Say it ain’t so!

9. All Democrat leaders — and many Republicans too — want to give amnesty to the hordes of invaders who have entered the nation illegally via the southern border. Say it ain’t so!

10. In many quarters, if you voice an opinion against the president’s policies on anything whatsoever, you are branded a racist. Say it ain’t so!

11. The president duped the nation into swallowing socialized medicine, and the economy, which was slogging before, continues to slog as a direct result. Say it ain’t so!

12. Mayhem and murder are rife in black urban ghettos, and if you suggest there may be a severe cultural problem that needs addressing, you are branded a racist. Say it ain’t so!

13. The illegitimacy rate is over 70 percent in black urban ghettos, and if you point out that dreadful fact, you are branded a racist. Say it ain’t so!

14. The percentage of people getting disability payments has shot through the roof in recent years. Many of these people on the dole are not disabled at all. Say it ain’t so!

15. If you disagree on any issue with a person who votes Democrat, you are branded a racist. Say it ain’t so!

16. The president, plus his entire administration, refuses to use the word “terrorist” when speaking of Mohammedan terrorists. Say it ain’t so!

17. The president, immediately on taking office, headed to Mohammedan nations to kowtow and say, on behalf of his fellow Americans, how sorry he is. Say it ain’t so!

18. The president had no executive experience and little political experience before winning his office, and he appears to not understand economics even a little bit. Say it ain’t so!

19. Political and financial corruption are rampant in the federal government, especially at the IRS, the VA and the Justice Department. The president vows action but does nothing. Say it ain’t so!

20. In spite of all these issues, about 40 percent of Americans say they think the president is doing a pretty good job leading the nation. Pass the Kool-Aid. Say it ain’t so!

* * * *

It appears I got out of the United States and became a Mexican just in time. Whew!

* * * *

* This reeks to high heaven like reeducation camps.