Climate change, rain & Trump

skull pot
Pot I bought a few years ago during the Day of the Dead.

THIS “CLIMATE CHANGE” thing has hit us hard, or maybe the rainy season is simply arriving a tad tardy this year. Whatever.

It did rain yesterday, and today dawned overcast and cool, which is how I like it. The grass is showing signs of revitalization, from dreary brown to joyous green. Abel the Deadpan Yardman will come tomorrow for the first cut of the year.

Life on the mountaintop continues, often in a crackpot manner. Though the Kung Flu problem shows no sign of winding down — quite the contrary — our megalomaniac president refers to it in the past tense. Our mayor has opened both downtown plazas for the first time in a couple of months. He’s also encouraging tourists to return.

And our Kung Flu count continues upward.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow with the YUGE Trump campaign event in Oklahoma. Thousands want to go, of course, because we love him. I wish I could go. But it seems trouble is brewing. And rumors.

Here’s my prediction. Leftists will appear en masse in MAGA caps, waving Nazi flags and goose-stepping, a disinformation campaign. I doubt they will riot or loot because Oklahoma cops will not be on their side, and the governor is Republican.

It’s good to be out of the fray and atop a mountain in the middle of Mexico.

Candace the truth-teller

AMERICAN LEFTISTS, both white and black, are bowing and genuflecting toward the image of the Holy Martyr George Floyd. He was an upstanding citizen — or at least a guy turning his life around — brutally murdered by that white cop because Floyd was black, another instance of “systemic racism” in America and particularly in police forces.

I swear. Blacks just cannot catch a break.

Let us go march in the thousands down the streets and highways. Let us throw bricks into windows and set fires and loot businesses, all for poor George. Make sure to grab a Samsung, not one of those cheap TVs made by Chinamen. Steal something good that has internet capability. It’s all for George, and it’s all Trump’s fault.

Here is one of my favorite women, Candace Owens, doing a wonderful job of putting the George Floyd mess into proper perspective.

Great Trump news

THE NEW YORK TIMES and its disreputable cohort The Washington Post, which once were great newspapers, now publish slanted or outright fake news about President Trump on a daily basis due to their Woke, politically correct, transgendered and intersectional staffs, so let’s look elsewhere for honest reporting and opinion.

  1. Let’s start with the New York Post and a piece titled, “No, ObamaGate is not a conspiracy theory.” The Obama White House conspired against the incoming Trump administration in what, one prays, are indictable offenses against both Obama and Sleepy Joe too. Stay tuned. Investigations are thundering down the highway.
  2. Trump on Friday named a team to “develop a coronavirus vaccine at warp speed.” See the details at Politico’s website. The news was announced Friday at a White House news conference.
  3. Nancy Pelosi, she of the dark heart, set a House vote yesterday on more coronavirus “relief” legislation. The $3 trillion (!) legislative package was written entirely by Democrats and, yet again, is crammed with pork that has squat to do with the current crisis. Again, the New York Post has this information that you will not find in the corrupt, gray, old ladies of “journalism” I mentioned in the first paragraph. And during the vote on the pork bill, Democrats opted to make illegal aliens eligible for taxpayer-funded “stimulus” payments. Dear Lord. More details here.
  4. Trump unveiled the new Space Force flag in the White House yesterday. The Space Force will be a sixth branch of the U.S. military. MAGA marches on.

Waiting for the end

Me, right. Her, left.

I DECLARED a week ago that I was giving this Kung Flu baloney two weeks more, and if it had not significantly worsened, we’re gonna bust out of here. We have a week to go.

By busting out, I mean doing something fun, not just going to the supermarket again or to the hole-in-the-wall store in the next block where we buy veggies. I mean going to a restaurant because we’re weary of home cooking, most of which is done haphazardly because we’re not foodies.

We got out a bit yesterday. I tossed some big trash bags into the Honda trunk, and the two of us drove to a garbage truck that sits on the ring road. Then we headed to a pharmacy to buy some stuff. After that, we drove to a carwash because the Honda was layered with grime from sitting in the carport endlessly.

It was not a self-service carwash because I’ve never seen a self-service carwash in Mexico. It’s a two-guy business that normally is full of customers, but not these days. We sailed right in and out in 10 minutes. Paid 50 pesos.

A week ago there was one confirmed Kung Flu case in town, a fatality. As of today, there are 12 confirmed cases and still that one death. The number of confirmed cases has not changed since last Wednesday. The town has over 90,000 residents.

The federal government says we’ll peak next Wednesday.

I use a government website for my stats. The numbers vary a bit elsewhere, but it’s still a minuscule quantity of people. Even in the nearby capital city, the cases are relatively few. So I’m guessing our first restaurant meal will occur on Sunday the 10th.

I think that a year from now we’ll look back at all this nonsense and chuckle, and we will also know at that time that it was about the same as a bad year of the seasonal flu. The U.S. news media want to make this problem look as horrid as possible in their endless pipe dream of torpedoing Trump’s reelection.

Russia collusion? Flopped. Impeachment? Flopped. A plague that Trump invited in? Please, Lord! Let it work this time! Please, please, please!

It’s no coincidence that governors above the Rio Bravo who are trying the hardest to keep everything shuttered are Democrats. Bill Maher said last year that he would love to see a serious recession because it would hurt Trump’s reelection chances. That’s what the Democrats are up to now.