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Oh, the irony

MEXICO, IT TURNS out, is not keen on illegal aliens.

At least, the ones who want to stay in Mexico instead of doing the expected thing of riding atop a train to the Rio Bravo, jumping off and swimming across. When they do that, well, no sweat.

We rob them and screw them along the way.

The Trump Administration, a gift that keeps on giving, simply by being in office, has resulted in a significant drop in border invasions. Illegals have second thoughts. Many are detouring to Canada, thanks to young, clueless Trudeau.

But many are Hondurans who, after sneaking into Southern Mexico, are deciding to go no farther. After all, Mexico is a real step up from grisly Honduras.

As a result, crime and social problems are soaring. Surprise! So Mexico is deporting illegals back where they came from.

Sometimes diversity ain’t so sweet.

Figures show that Mexico has deported 16,332 Hondurans since January. More details available here.

Oh, the irony.

All nations need border walls.

The hissy fits

fitWE MEXICANS love our hissy fits. They rarely resolve anything, but we throw them anyway. Here are three examples:

First: Eight or so years ago, Mexico City switched its electricity provider from some unionized outfit that ran an antiquated system to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the modern entity that provides light to most of the nation.

The unionized outfit promptly threw a hissy fit. For months, they blockaded the entrance to the CFE high-rise on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. The government ignored them.

These days the entrance is open, and electricity service is immeasurably improved.

Second: Mexico is in the early stages of an “education reform.” In part, this entails competency tests for teachers and they also lose the right to hand off their jobs to relatives on retirement. Unionized teachers promptly threw hissy fits.

The fits happened mostly in the usual suspect, backward states of Michoacán, Chiapas and Oaxaca. Unions blocked roads and highways, and squealed in the streets. The government is giving them lip service, but mostly it’s ignoring them.

Like the improved electricity provider in Mexico City, the education reform will happen.

Third, another reform is the energy sector, which is getting into high gear this year. For a variety of reasons, gas prices have gone up a lot. How did we react? We threw hissy fits, blocking highways, attacking gas stations, looting stores.

People want the old government-subsidized gasoline price. The government will ignore them and, in time, things will be better. Though gas prices likely will be higher.

Our hissy fits normally result in squat, but we throw them anyway. And it’s usually unions having the fits, fighting change, modernization and improvements.

Pray for Europe

ENCOURAGING multiculturalism is a very bad idea.

You see it in the growing strife across the United States. The Trump-Hillary conflict is at heart a conflict between multiculturalists and nationalists.

The antonym of multiculturalist is nationalist.

As Europe is bludgeoned into multiculturalism by screwball governments, you see growing strife there too.

And violence.

People of different religions, beliefs, languages and race do not sit comfortably in the living rooms of their opposites. In a perfect world, they would sit there comfortably, sharing tea, crumpets and conversation, but that world doesn’t exist.

Borders have always existed.

Tearing them down is a fool’s endeavor.

The Iliad Institute, formed after the suicide of a French nationalist named Dominique Venner, made the above video, which celebrates the distinctive history of Europe.

It’s a mindset that America should encourage.

Mexico does not celebrate multiculturalism. We celebrate Mexicanism. We are nationalist. That’s good.

Mohammedan myth

MEET BEN SHAPIRO, a conservative Jew, both religiously and politically. He’s one of my favorite fellows, a political activist, pundit and writer for the Right Side.

He’s the Honcho of the online news site, Truth Revolt, which is an arm of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative think tank.

Shapiro is young, fearless and incredibly articulate. Now and then, he inexplicably is invited to speak at an elite university, and much of the student body and faculty, whom Shapiro refers to as “snowflakes,”  go stark, raving insane.

They throw things. They scream. They holler. They toss red paint to represent blood. They foam at the mouth.

They heave their plushy bears out of their playpens.

And Shapiro, unfazed, keeps on speaking through it all.

This common reaction on campuses today highlights the hilarious irony of the left’s referring to Donald Trump as dangerous, a man who incites violence.

The left-wing Democrat Party is all about violence, either verbal or both physical and verbal.

True, Trump increasingly says that pushing back is justified, and he is correct. The Jews of 1930s Europe did not push back, and remember how that ended for them.

The increasing political violence in the United States began on the left, and it’s growing daily. It’s the left that abhors free speech, not the conservatives. It’s the left that shouts down contrary opinions, not the conservatives.

Were Bill Ayers to be invited to speak at one of the very few conservative campuses, he would be listened to politely or, more likely, he would be ignored.

He would not be physically threatened or even bellowed at because conservatives are polite people.

Today, Shapiro is addressing the myth that most Mohammedans are peaceful or — more correctly — that most do not harbor radical, violent attitudes.

While it is true that most do not actually murder “the infidels” or even stone women of their own religion, most do think it’s a real swell idea much of the time.

We’re back!

Enjoying a smoke in the cool mountain air.

WHEN I MOVED south of the border in 2000, nobody asked me if I was afraid because there was no reason to be.

It was great for six years.

Then something happened during the administration of Felipe Calderón, a president I voted for. I believe his hard-nosed approach to the narco issue made things worse.

Violence between narcos and police and military escalated, and violence between narco gangs themselves spiked.

Your average citizen remained safe, however.

It didn’t take many stories — one, actually — of severed heads rolling across cantina floors plus hundreds of Americans* being slain to stop tourism dead in its tracks here.

When we first visited Zihuatanejo on the Pacific coast years ago, there were always cruise ships in the bay. That stopped. We haven’t seen even one in a long time.

My mountaintop town, a 16th century colonial beauty on the shore of a huge lake, lives off tourism. To a large degree, that screeched to a halt too. It was quite noticeable.

But, through those bad years, a tourist’s chances of encountering violence was virtually zero, no more so than what one faces during a winter weekend in Tampa.

Our bad reputation was fueled nonstop by an irresponsible, clueless, American news media with the assist of an absolutely hysterical U.S. State Department whose “travel warnings” were laughable to anyone who lived here.

When President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in 2012 things calmed down considerably, but our ill fame lived on. But now, four years later, things appear to be changing.

In recent weeks, the quantity of tourists to our quaint mountain town has skyrocketed. For those of us who do not depend on tourism, it just means more traffic snarls. But to many others, it means a livelihood.

I am happy about this. Perhaps this is a light at the end of a long tunnel and that clear thinking and rationality are coming to the forefront. It’s a great place to live.

And an even better place to visit.

Jam-packed central plaza on Sunday.

* The Americans are invariably named Garcia, Torres, Hernandez, never Smith or Jones. They are inhabitants of border zones who get involved in the narco trade, and often end up dead, but they are U.S. citizens. They are not tourists.

Swedish sickness

SWEDEN HAS long been cited by collectivists as the perfectly functioning social democracy where free healthcare, free this-and-that, exist in a nation where everyone is happy. Overlook those killer taxes.

seIt’s my loony, lefty sister’s ideal nation* and it’s been praised in comments hereabouts too. Yes, Sweden does it right.

Travelling hand-in-hand with social democracy these days are other notions like open borders, diversity and multiculturalism. These latter stances are add-ons to the older philosophy of social democracy.

None of it works well, to state it mildly.

Multiculturalism is flushing Sweden down the johnny hole. Let’s take a break to watch this smart Swedish journalist expounding on the dismal state of her once-nice homeland:

The multicultural issue in Sweden, as it is in most of socially democratic Europe, is primarily Mohammedan, a dismal, backward, violent religion/culture that harbors no desire to integrate with others while simultaneously embracing Europe’s generous welfare systems.

Just this week, immigrant violence involving grenades in the Swedish city of Malmö has led to a huge increase in police presence.

A persistent claim in collectivist circles is that all cultures have value and are equal. This is arrant nonsense. Some are far superior to others. Related is the fact that a nation is a geographical area where citizens for the most part share religion, language, beliefs and skin tone.

Successful nations are homogeneous, not multicultural.

Oh, you can toss in a little salt with the pepper or vice versa, but only up to a point. My being in Mexico is an example. Passing that point, all Hades can break out, and Hades is alive and thriving in Sweden, sadly.

Two years ago, I wrote of similar problems in Nutty Norway.

For your further edification, here is a bonus video:

* * * *

* Her second-best place is Oakland, California.

The violent Left

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, minding his own business walking down a sidewalk, was recently heckled by vacuous leftwing students at City University of New York where he is a visiting professor.

The students had been egged on by a radical professor. CUNY, like so many U.S. schools these days, is a hotbed of leftwing extremism.

In contrast to conservatives (of course, there are rare exceptions) the Left is prone to violence when faced with opposing opinions.

The violence manifests itself in two ways:

1. Actual violence, up to and including mass murder.

2. Verbal violence.

Famous, conservative speakers at most American universities these days will almost invariably be heckled and shouted down to the fullest extent possible. Sympathetic school officials usually look the other way.

Brown shirtLeftists do not permit opposing views. They are Brown Shirts.

Conversely, a leftwing speaker at a conservative event will almost never be bothered. Conservatives are polite.

Alas, it is those who shout the loudest who generally get their way, and this is having a spectacularly negative effect in the United States as good people tend more and more to keep their mouths shut.

* * * *

Collectivism is embraced with a religious fervor by violent Leftists who adore their impossible utopian world of equality in the same measure that the vituperative Jonesboro “Baptists” love their badly interpreted Bibles.

The leftwing abhorance of religion is ironical because they are profoundly religious. It’s just that their deity lives here on Earth, a dream god who rules a universe where all shoulders must be level.

The last century was a particularly grisly one, and almost all mayhem was done in the name of Karl Marx. Communist China and Communist Russia murdered far more people than did Nazi Germany.

Yet sporting a Red Star on your cap is still considered cool while flashing a Swastika is not. Truth is, the only difference is that the Red Star has left far higher stacks of corpses.

But let’s take a closer look at Hitler before you write him off as a Rightist, as is commonly done. While Mao and Stalin murdered their rich citizens, Hitler killed the Jews, the hated money-makers, perceived as rich.

All three preached a perfect world.

Nazis were the National SOCIALIST Party, and Hitler was a vegetarian. Conservatives are not vegetarians. We love barbecue.

* * * *

While actually murdering people who hold opposite opinions is a dicey proposition and often perilous to those who do it, there are other, legal ways for leftists to indulge their propensity for mayhem.

Yes, verbal violence. Not just the shouting down of contrary opinions. The Left is where obscenity and name-calling thrives.

That show business is controlled by BMW-driving, martini-sipping leftists is well known. That many popular movies and TV shows showcase rivers of profanity is grossly familiar to most of us.

This is violence against society, and it’s almost exclusively leftists who do it.

During the presidential compaign last year, I wrote two posts about slick, professionally made political videos promoting Obama. The videos are wall-to-wall obscenities, verbal violence.

There were, of course, no profanity-laden political ads for Romney, which would have been unthinkable.

The Leftist propensity for violence can take bizarre turns, sometimes into pathetic triviality. There is a browser add-on called WOT (Web of Trust). It’s a useful tool that steers you away from scams, porno, etc.

Conservative bloggers and websites often flash the red WOT warning for no other reason than Leftists have gone there specifically to rate them poorly. Comments left on WOT make their motivation obvious.

It is internet graffiti, and not unlike dropping your pants and leaving a load in the yard of a neighbor who holds different opinions.

Leftwing websites are always rated favorably because conservatives don’t do such silly stuff. We are courteous. And we eat barbecue.

* * * *

The Left embraces violence. Whether it’s the gulags, the Bergen-Belsens, the re-education camps, the sensitivity classes, the killing fields, the speech police and heckling on American campuses, the defacing of opposition websites, it’s all part of the same nasty playbook.

Agree with us — or else.