The abortion thing

Health care? No. Abortion? Yes.

LET’S TALK about abortion.

I’m a fence-straddler on this contentious topic. Not being a Christian, I have no religious issue with it. Like many people, abortion has been a part of my life.

My first wife got pregnant unexpectedly. It was before we married. We were young and shocked. Rather quickly she found an abortion doctor. This was before Roe versus Wade.

It was illegal.

I, however, was troubled and nixed it.

We married, and my life sailed in a direction it would have not sailed otherwise. I still feel the effects.

An unexpected pregnancy for young people is like a 10-ton boulder rolling down the mountain straight at you.

You can dodge it with an abortion. Or you can stand still, wide-eyed, and see what happens.

I support abortion rights when done early, and the fetus is just a nub. Where it gets troubling is when it’s done later and the fetus is a formed child.

Early, yes. Late, no. If you drag your feet making a decision, tough luck. Be decisive.

There’s lots of hubbub about Planned Parenthood, which is an abortion provider, and nothing more. Its supporters say it’s about women’s health. That’s baloney.

A reporter recently phoned Planned Parenthood facilities in various states to ask what prenatal services were provided. The answers were all the same. No prenatal services offered.

Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, period. And given the strong emotions on the subject in many quarters, it should not be receiving taxpayer money.

Let the customers pay.

If you get pregnant unexpectedly, decide what you want to do with no dilly-dallying, and make an appointment with a doctor who provides the service. It’s legal.

Don’t wait five months and do it. It’s grisly.

Numerous undercover investigations have been done into Planned Parenthood, and what’s been discovered is quite disturbing. You’ll never see these reports in the socialist media like Huffpost, Mother Jones and The New York Times.

Abortion should stay legal for early stage. Illegal in the late stage.* To outlaw it altogether will just return us to the days of blood-soaked butchery in back alleys.

Outlawing all abortions is like outlawing drug use. It just creates worse problems. Use common sense.

* * * *

* Being an anti-government guy, I find even this troubling.

(Note: Later in my first marriage, we had another child, another accident. Ian Lee was born prematurely and with two club feet. He died three days later. After that, I got a vasectomy. I was 24 and out of the procreation game. My daughter recently turned 51 and lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband. She is thick as thieves with her mother and has little to do with me. Irony.)

Felipe for prez!

MOUNTAINTOP IN MEXICO — (AP) The bizarre presidential race in the United States was thrown into further turmoil today when Felipe Zapata tossed his sombrero into the mess.


Felipe, a controversial blogger — you either love him or loathe him — is, like Ted Cruz, a dual national. But, unlike Cruz, Felipe — who prefers to be called by one name à la Cher or Prince — will not trash his foreign passport.

He sees multiculturalism as a campaign plus.

The shocking announcement was made outside Felipe’s huge, colorful Hacienda in a hardscrabble neighborhood on the edge of a mystery village in the middle of Mexico.

The international press was missing, as was the Mexican, and the audience of four were Felipe’s family members who were eating burritos and drinking Coca-Cola.

Felipe’s brisk platform consists of six planks:

  1. The Mexican problem: This will be solved by building a 20-foot-high wall along America’s southern border. The U.S. will pay for it, not Mexico. Ten yards behind the wall will be an alligator-filled moat and machine-gun nests.
  2. The drug problem: This will be solved by canceling the ridiculous War on Drugs.  Getting stoned will be legal for adults. This will also help the Mexican problem.
  3. The economic problem: The Internal Revenue Service will be dissolved, and a 10 percent flat tax will be levied on all earnings, both business and personal. This will increase government income, plus the economy will boom.
  4. The welfare problem: All government handouts will cease with one exception: People who are demonstrably disabled and/or over the age of 65.
  5. The university problem: Safe spaces will be outlawed. Anyone found in a safe space or even asking for the location of one will be executed and buried in an undisclosed location where they will be safe till the end of time.
  6. The Mohammedan problem: U.S. mosques will be bulldozed, and Mohammedan men will lose their scimitars and be sent to slave camps. Mohammedan women’s heads and legs will be uncovered.  A blue-ribbon panel from the Jonesboro Baptist Church will decide what to do about the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, of course.

Felipe will run — and win — as an Independent. Campaign contributions should be send to his PayPal account, which will be up and running lickety-split.

His child bride will be America’s first Mexican First Lady.

His campaign slogan: Make America Legally Mexican And, Oh Yeah, Great Again.

Barry & Bill

TODAY’S TOPIC is two guys who are totally different.

Barry Hussein Obama of the Oval Office and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. In most areas, I oppose the former and support the latter. But there are exceptions, which is why I am not a textbook conservative.

barryLet’s look first at Cuba. Barry is tearing down the wall between America and Cuba. Yes, Barry blinked first, and that’s a good thing because the shunning of Cuba has gone on far too long.

It can be argued that the Castro regime would have collapsed by now were it not for the U.S. embargo, which endured so long due to the Cuban expats in Florida, a state with lots of heft in the Electoral College.

True, Barry got little from the Castros in return for blinking, but no matter. Someone had to blink. I salute Barry for that. As have almost all the former dictatorships in Latin America, Cuba will liberalize, but in a positive way.

First, the Castro boys have to die, and that won’t be a long time coming.

Barry just did another good thing. He is freeing 46 imprisoned felons, most incarcerated for drug crimes, some for life, because they were nonviolent offenders. Most, I’m assuming, are black, which is why, of course, Barry is taking the action. It’s a race thing for him. Be assured.

The War on Drugs, started in the Nixon Administration, is a total failure, creating far more problems than it solves, and that’s assuming it solves any problems whatsoever, which I doubt. Any 12-year-old who wants drugs can get them easily today on the streets of America.

Outlawing anything that people really want  will invariably create a crime wave and violence. It happened during the Prohibition of the 1920s — the War on Booze, a perfect analogy to the War on Drugs.

You cannot outlaw sex, chocolate, cigarettes, booze or drugs, and only a nation with a Puritanical streak would even attempt it. It is dumb.

Try to restrict it to adults, tax it brutally, whatever, but if you attempt to eliminate it, you will come to utter grief.

billSo hurrah to Barry for liberating some drug dealers, especially those with life sentences. O’Reilly thinks this is a bad idea.

He supports the War on Drugs. He cites reasons that could equally apply to another War on Booze. There is not a single thing you can say against drug addicts that you can not equally state against alcoholics.

Wrecked families, careers, violence, crime, rest equally in the grip of alcoholism as they do in the embrace of drug addiction. Both are grave problems, but most people drink responsibly and — and you may not believe this — many, probably most, people use drugs responsibly.

So Barry has freed some non-violent drug dealers who should not have been imprisoned in the first place, certainly not for life, and he’s cracked the wall between the United States and Communist Cuba, proving he’s not a complete, brain-dead doofus.

And I don’t know how O’Reilly feels about the opening to Cuba.

He is almost certainly against it. An error.

The superior nation


MEXICO IS A SUPERIOR nation, especially when stacked up against the United States.

To start with, plants grow better, as this photo illustrates. I planted that big mama bougainvillea when it was knee-high to me, or less. It was in a little pot. You may see a floating head behind the maguey.


That bougainvillea is going to give me problems. On the right, it has gripped the wall, falling over to the other side, providing a pretty view to the sex hotel. On the left, however, it is leaning this way and, in time, will collapse in all its prickly glory. There are two steel support chains in there somewhere, but they’re not enough.

Plants grow better in Mexico.

* * * *

Our economy improves daily. There are lots of help-wanted ads in newspapers. And Help Wanted signs on restaurants and storefronts. Setting up a small, street business is pretty easy and can be profitable. There are bountiful post-high-school educational opportunities. And scholarships. Trade schools too.

So why do we sneak into the United States? Cultural issues. We’ve been doing it for so long we don’t know how to stop. We’re imperfect and must work on that.

The economy in the United States is stagnant and promises to worsen due to stunning debt. Its cultural defects are growing, and people are at one another’s throats. I’ve seen more street people in America than in Mexico.

Our economy points upward. The other side? Nah.

* * * *

There is less violent crime in Mexico. Say what? you exclaim. Yes, you are less likely to be a victim of random violence in most of Mexico than you are in the United States. We are a peaceable people. All the nasty stuff you read stems 99 percent from the narcos and government fighting one another, plus the narcos fighting each other. Stay out of it. And you easily can.

Side issue: The “War on Drugs” prompts the narco violence in Mexico. America is the cause.

You are safer below the border.

* * * *

Our healthcare system is effective and affordable. The U.S. healthcare system is a mess. With ObamaCare it will simply be another sort of mess. You will stand in line. And taxes will increase. You may die in line.

For good medical care, head south.

* * * *

The Mexican government pretty much leaves you in peace. The American government grows more intrusive by the day (See ObamaCare. See Socialism). In Mexico, we are left to live our lives as we wish. Mind your own business  is a basic component of the Mexican culture. And smile while doing it. Say cheese, amigos.

* * * *

Taxes, utilities, labor, etcetera, are far cheaper than in the United States. While we generally earn less than in the United States, we also pay less. And there are ways for the ambitious to earn more. And still pay less.

* * * *

Mexico is not multicultural, and does not want to be. This contributes to peace in a society. We are unicultural, a  blend of original natives with the post-Conquest Spaniards. We are brown, and we speak Spanish. Oh, we give lip service now and then to the indigenous, but nobody really cares. And no one gets “offended.”

We understand that a nation is a group of people who are basically the same.

If you don’t speak Spanish in a Mexican school, you will flunk out. Period. Absolutely no one will “celebrate your roots” if your roots sprouted elsewhere. And if you’re caught here with no visa you are deported lickety-split. No tears are shed over your “rights” or how “oppressed” you are.

* * * *

Mexico realizes that men and women are very different. Mexico would never elect a nancy president who rides a bicycle with a crash helmet, smokes in secret, and wears mom jeans. We would die of embarrassment.

* * * *

It is great to live in a superior nation. We grow stupendous bougainvillea.